osTicket 1.9.4 released

Yesterday the folks over at osticket.com released the latest version of the 1.9 series, specifically the stable 1.9.4.  This version had not only a DPR (Developer Preview Release) and 5 RC (release candidates) before going live.  You can get this version via github or at http://osticket.com/download.  It features a slew of enhancements, bug fixes, and security updates.  Here is a list of them:

Major New Features

  • New ticket states (archived, and deleted) (#1094, #1159)
  • Custom ticket statuses (#1159)
  • Custom ticket number formats (#1128)
  • Full text search capabilities (beta)
  • Multiselect for choice fields and custom list selections
  • Phase II Multi-Lingual Support (User Interface) (see http://i18n.osticket.com and http://jipt.i18n.osticket.com) (#1096)
    • Active interface translations of 46 languages currently
    • Popup help tip documentation in all languages
    • Flags displayed on client portal for manual switch of UI language by endusers
    • Automatic detection of enduser and agent language preference as advertised by the browser
    • Improved PDF ticket printing support, including greater support for eastern characters such as Thai, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese
    • Proper support for searching, including breaking words for languages which do not use word breaks, such as Japanese
    • Proper user interface layout for right-to-left languages such as Hebrew, Arabic, and Farsi
    • Right-to-Left support for the HTML text editor, regardless of the viewing user’s current language setting
    • Proper handling of bidirectional text in PDF output and in the ticket view


  • Plugins can have custom configurations (#1156)
  • Upgrade to mPDF to v5.7.3 (#1356)
  • Add support for PDF fonts in language packs (#1356)
  • Advanced search improved to support multiple selections, custom status and flags


  • Fix display of text thread entries with HTML characters (<) (#1360)
  • Fix crash creating new ticket if organization custom data has a selection field (#1361)
  • Fix footer disappearance on PJAX navigation (#1366)
  • Fix User Directory not sortable by user status (#1375)
  • Fix loss of enduser or agent priority selection on new ticket (#1365)
  • Add validation error if setting EndUser username to an email address (#1368)
  • Fix skipped validation of some fields (#1369) (regression from rc4)
  • Fix detection of inline attachments from rich text inputs (#1357)
  • Fix dropping attachments when updating canned responses (#1357)
  • Fix PJAX navigation crash in some browsers (#1378)
  • Fix searching for tickets in the client portal (#1379) (regression from rc4)
  • Fix crash submitting new ticket as agent with validation errors (#1380)
  • Fix display of unanswered tickets in open queue (#1384)
  • Fix incorrect statistics on dashboard page (#1345)
  • Fix sorting by ticket number if using sequential numbers
  • Fix threading if HTML is enabled and QR is disabled (#1197)
  • Export ticket “created” date (#1201)
  • Fix duplicate email where a collaborator would receive a confirmation for his own message (#1235)
  • Fix multi-line display of checkbox descriptions (#1160)
  • Fix API validation failure for custom list selections (#1238)
  • Fix crash adding a new user with a selection field custom data
  • Fix failed user identification from email headers if “References” header is sorted differently be mail client (#1263)
  • Fix deletion of inline images on pages if draft was not saved (#1288)
  • Fix corruption of custom date time fields on client portal if using non US date format (#1320)
  • Fix corruption of email mailbox if improperly encoded as ISO-8859-1 without RFC 2047 charset hint (#1332)
  • Fix occasional MySQL Commands OOS error from ORM (#1334)

Performance and Security

  • Fix possible XSS vulnerability in email template management (#1163)


You can read more about it at their at github.  They additionally released maintance release for the 1.7 and 1.8 series which should fix some of the issues in those.

osTicket 1.9.2 released

Earlier today the folks over at osticket.com released the latest version of the 1.9 series, specifically the stable 1.9.2.  You can get this version via github or at http://osticket.com/download.  It features a slew of enhancements, bug fixes, and security updates.  Here is a list of them:


  • Help topics have super powers (#974)
    • They can be arbitrarily nested
    • They can be manually sorted
    • Admins can select a system default help topic
    • They can inherit the form from a parent
  • Form data entered to custom forms is preserved when switching help topics
  • Update to Redactor 9.2.4 (http://imperavi.com/redactor/log/)
  • Using canned responses no longer requires [Append] click (#973)
  • Guests can sign out (#1000)
  • Filter by custom list item properties (#1024)
  • Time selection is based on admin configured time format (#1036)
  • (Optionally) clients can access tickets without clicking email link (#999)
  • Introduction of signals for mail filter plugins (#952)


  • Fix a few glitches on site page management (#986)
  • Fix saving department alert recipients (#985)
  • Fix assignment to account manager regardless of setting (#1013)
  • Fix dialog boxes on some PJAX navigations (#1034)
  • Help topics are properly sorted in FAQ management (#1035)
  • Fix MySQL commands out-of-sync triggered by the ORM (#1012)
  • Clients can follow email links from multiple tickets (#1001)
  • Workaround for PHP variable corruption issue (#917, #969)
  • All other improvements cited in v1.8.3

Performance and Security

  • Fix XSS vulnerability in phone number widget (#1025)
  • Fix several XSS vulnerabilities in client and staff interfaces (#1024, #1025)


You can read more about it at their blog post.  They additionally released maintenance release for the 1.7 and 1.8 series which should fix some of the issues in those.

osTicket 1.8.1 Released!

The good folks over at osTicket.com have just made the 1.8.1 Stable tag over on the github project.  This of course means that 1.8.1ST will be announced shortly.  Here is a brief over view of the new enhancements, bug fixes, etc.



  • Ticket filters support matching on email To and Cc fields (#529)
  • Microsoft® TNEF emails are supported (#555, 0890481, #567)
  • Popup summary and collaborator list on ticket queue page (#521)


  • New ticket by staff adds recipient and staff context to email templates (#527)
  • Forbid password reset for non-local users (#570)
  • Allow an administrator to lift the force password change flag (#570)
  • Locks are released on logout (#522)
  • Text email footnotes are written as [title]#
  • Fix E_STRICT annoyance from class.config.php (#518)
  • Fix dashboard report timeframe for non-US date formats (#520)
  • Fix dashboard report ending "period" (#520)
  • Fixup Message-Id and Delivered-To for encapsulated messages (#528)
  • Fix several issues with display and download of attachments (#530)
  • Fix sending a reply email if requested not to (#531)
  • Much better compatibility implementation of the mbstring module (#517)
  • Consider the delivered-to header in finding the system email (#535)
  • Only consider collaborators if the receiving system email is identified (#537)
  • Do not consider delivered-to addresses as collaborators (#544)
  • Ticket variables are available in templates regardless of case (#545)
  • Allow advanced search on any priority regression (#547)
  • Assume iso-8859-1 MIME body encoding if not specified (#551)
  • Fix email address list parsing on bad MIME headers (#560)
  • Automatically detect file MIME type if not specified (ac42e62)
  • Fix login issue when upgrading from osTicket 1.6 (#571)
  • Add new features to the storage API to implement Amazon S3 (#515)
  • Fix attachment corruption on some documents like PDFs (#576)

Performance and Security

  • Reuse SMTP connections where possible (#462)
  • Enforce max file size for attachments sent via API (#568)
  • Support auditing login attempts (#559)
  • Avoid auth strikeouts when not attempting a login (#559, #523)


You can of course download it from github at: https://github.com/osTicket/osTicket-1.8/tree/v1.8.1

Additionally a new tag for has also been made which means that they are planning a bug fix release for the, and a 1.7.6 tag for a bug fix release for that 1.7 tree also.

update @ 12:11pm EST the osTicket blog has a nice little announcement article at: http://osticket.com/blog/103

osTicket and 1.7.5 released (and 1.8.1 DPR)!

Earlier tonight the osTicket developers announced that the current branch of osTicket 1.8 has it's newest child with the release of  This version features several new enhancements and a bunch of bug fixes. In this same announcement they release a bug patch for the 1.7 tree (1.7.5) which fixes some bugs. Then in almost the same breath they announced the Developer Preview Release (DPR) of the much anticipated 1.8.1! 

1.8.1 has three new features that people have been waiting for for quite a while.  They are Collaboration (CC/BCC support), Plugin Support (rudimentary), and Pluggable Authentication (LDAP/AD).  These features are not complete yet, but do show a lot of promise.

Additional details, including bug and enhancement details of the release(s) can be found here.

source: osTicket Forums

osTicket 1.7

This section is devoted to the articles on this site about the 1.7 tree from version 1.7ST to 1.7.4.

Articles for osTicket 1.7.x:

osTicket 1.7.3 and 1.8rc1 Released

Today osTicket 1.7.3 has been released and is the fourth stable release of the 1.7 tree. This release fixes some bugs and introduces the following New Enhancements:

  • Ticket thread items are now available for email templates
  • Support MySQL servers on a non-standard port number, which is also not set in the php.ini file
  • FAQ search now hits category names and are sorted by article title now
  • CAPTCHA responses are now considered case-insensitive

Y you can read about the chandes and download 1.7.3 at osticket or github.

Additionally osTicket 1.8 rc1 was also released! This is the first release candidate for the new 1.8 tree and can be downloaded at 1.8 project at github. This version changes osTicket from fpdf to mpdf to enable utf-8 support and includes some bug fixes as well. As a reminder this version is a release candidate and is not intended for production enviornments. Please report bugs at github.

How to Upgrade from osTicket 1.7ST to 1.7.2

Now that osTicket 1.7.2 is out and has been for a little while its time to update the upgrade guide.

Before you start it is important to mention that if you have installed any mods or performed any custom coding (including changing graphics, translations, etc.) that upgrading will not be as simple as it sounds in this article and you will lose all the modifications that you made. You could very well break your site and at the very least lose some of the functionality that you now enjoy.

  1. Put the site into offline mode.

To do this log into your site and navigate to Admin panel -> Settings -> Helpdesk Status and toggle the radial to "Offline (Disabled)", scroll down and click "Save Changes".

note: I personally leave the site open, but navigated back to the Client panel.

  2. Make a back up of your database.

There are various ways to do this and I am not going to cover all of them, but my preferred way is to use command line. You can do this simply by issuing a command similar to:

mysqldump -u userName -p databaseName > fileName.sql

note: change userName to your DB username, databaseName to the name of your DB, and fileName to what ever you want to call the back up file.

Another easy way to do backups (on windows) is to use MySQL Admin (deprecated) or MySQL WorkBench.

  3. Make a back up of your site.

Once again there are various ways to achieve this. I trust that you know how you want to do it, just make sure that you do it.

NOTE: You should never rely on your ISPs automatic backups,
always make your own backups before upgrading!!!

While you are here, you may want to also make a separate copy of your /include/ost-config.php file. This file contains the database connection information.

  4. Download the latest version of OSTicket (v1.7.2) from github.

  5. Extract it to your OSTicket directory. Yes, you can and should have it over write existing files.

  6. re load your web page. When the page loads you should be looking at the image below. Since this is an upgrade you should be looking at the upgrader. This is important to note since the Upgrader looks different from the Installer.

fig 1 – upgrader
click image to enlarge

You should at this point be able to click the "Start Upgrade Now" button. The next screen should look like this:

fig 2 – upgrader, page 2
click image to enlarge

Unless you have a reason not to, go ahead and click the "Do It Now!" button. This should result in a small rectangle popping up in the middle of your screen like this:

fig 3 – upgrader, actual upgrading
click image to enlarge

Once it has completed you should be looking at the following page:

fig 4 – upgrader, upgrade completed
click image to enlarge

Now if you click on the Settings tab you should be looking at the following:

fig 5 – admin panel, version
click image to enlarge

While you are here if you put the site into Offline mode you should put it back in Online mode (don't forget to click Save Changes at the bottom of the page).

Congratulations! You've upgraded from 1.7ST to 1.7.2, however you are not quite finished yet.

  7. Time for post install clean up.

First go into your OSTicket directory and delete [or rename] the setup folder. It is not needed for a live or production site and should never be left on a publicly accessible server. I recommend that you delete it, but some people like renaming it to keep the files around should they need it again. For the record you should not need it again, and if you did you can always just re-download the distribution archive.

Next it's time to delete a few files that OSTicket no longer uses. The list is pretty short and taken directly from the UPGRADING.txt. Please be methodical and double check each file before you delete something. If you are concerned that you might make a mistake you might try moving the files into another folder before you delete them.

    Removed in v1.7.1

    Removed in v1.7.2

That's it for the "hard" stuff. I would at this point recommend that you take another back up of your site (both database and files) since you just made major changes to the site.

As a side note, if you are upgrading from 1.7.1.x to 1.7.2 you will not see the upgrader because there were no database changes between 1.7.1 and 1.7.2.



osTicket released!

Today marks the release of osTicket version Below you will find the changelog for the last few releases (since I’ve been a slacker and didn’t post them when they came out)


  • Finally squelch all test fixture failures (yay!) (#732)
  • Fix matching of ticket owner’s email address on incoming mail (#731)
  • Fix coding mistake matching system email addresses (#730)
  • Fix a bug upgrading from osTicket 1.6 (#736) release notes


  • Cookie domain cannot have a port number (#719)
  • ROOT_PATH is detected on Windows® (#726, #649)
  • Do not double encode XML entities in ticket thread titles (#567)
  • Display correct template description on edit (#724, #727) release notes


  • The ticket number is no longer required in the subject line and staff can reply to emails and create an internal note (29b3714)


  • session_start() is not used in random data collection, which broke some Windows installs (#712)
  • Prevent email loops if a staff happens to use a system email address (#714)
  • Turn off error_reporting (#717)
  • Fix ROOT_PATH detection (again) (#716)
  • Fix cookies for localhost and local servers (infamous “Invalid CSRF Token” error) (#707) release notes


  • Fix detection of ROOT_PATH on chrooted environments (#703, #705)
  • Fix download of attachments with commas (‘,’) in the filename (#702)
  • Fix incorrect content-type header for CAPTCHA (#699)
  • Avoid emails for password reset tokens on upgrade (#696)
  • Use ROOT_DIR for filesystem paths (#698)
  • Include tips.html in the download zip-file for installation popup help (#701)
  • Fix repeated CSRF token issues on localhost domain (#709)

For a complete list of core features visit osticket.com and be sure to check the release notes.

osTicket 1.7.1ST released!

Just minutes ago the new version of osTicket 1.7.1ST was released. This is the second stable release of the 1.7 series. It include many bug fixes, security fixes, and introduces a slew of new features and enhancements. Some of the more notable are:

  • Custom logos and site pages
  • Password reset link
  • Export and import feature. Useful for migrations and backups.
  • Use your email address as your username for logins
  • SLA’s can be marked transient. Tickets with a transient SLA will change to the SLA of the new department or help-topic when transferred or edited.
  • Support installation on MySQL and MariaDB clusters. Use default storage engine and don’t assume predictable auto-increment values.

For a complete list of core features visit osticket.com and be sure to check the release notes.