osTicket 1.8.1 Released!

The good folks over at osTicket.com have just made the 1.8.1 Stable tag over on the github project.  This of course means that 1.8.1ST will be announced shortly.  Here is a brief over view of the new enhancements, bug fixes, etc.



  • Ticket filters support matching on email To and Cc fields (#529)
  • Microsoft® TNEF emails are supported (#555, 0890481, #567)
  • Popup summary and collaborator list on ticket queue page (#521)


  • New ticket by staff adds recipient and staff context to email templates (#527)
  • Forbid password reset for non-local users (#570)
  • Allow an administrator to lift the force password change flag (#570)
  • Locks are released on logout (#522)
  • Text email footnotes are written as [title]#
  • Fix E_STRICT annoyance from class.config.php (#518)
  • Fix dashboard report timeframe for non-US date formats (#520)
  • Fix dashboard report ending "period" (#520)
  • Fixup Message-Id and Delivered-To for encapsulated messages (#528)
  • Fix several issues with display and download of attachments (#530)
  • Fix sending a reply email if requested not to (#531)
  • Much better compatibility implementation of the mbstring module (#517)
  • Consider the delivered-to header in finding the system email (#535)
  • Only consider collaborators if the receiving system email is identified (#537)
  • Do not consider delivered-to addresses as collaborators (#544)
  • Ticket variables are available in templates regardless of case (#545)
  • Allow advanced search on any priority regression (#547)
  • Assume iso-8859-1 MIME body encoding if not specified (#551)
  • Fix email address list parsing on bad MIME headers (#560)
  • Automatically detect file MIME type if not specified (ac42e62)
  • Fix login issue when upgrading from osTicket 1.6 (#571)
  • Add new features to the storage API to implement Amazon S3 (#515)
  • Fix attachment corruption on some documents like PDFs (#576)

Performance and Security

  • Reuse SMTP connections where possible (#462)
  • Enforce max file size for attachments sent via API (#568)
  • Support auditing login attempts (#559)
  • Avoid auth strikeouts when not attempting a login (#559, #523)


You can of course download it from github at: https://github.com/osTicket/osTicket-1.8/tree/v1.8.1

Additionally a new tag for has also been made which means that they are planning a bug fix release for the, and a 1.7.6 tag for a bug fix release for that 1.7 tree also.

update @ 12:11pm EST the osTicket blog has a nice little announcement article at: http://osticket.com/blog/103