Explanations of…

Some times when one tries to explain a who or a when in ones past it ends up being lengthy. Suffice it to say many years ago I used to sit in Denny’s and write. Some times I wrote in my journal. Some times I worked on my great American novel. Almost always both were considered in my brain as part of the:

Collection of Great Half Time Stories

That is to say what I named my collection of mis-mashed thoughts, experience, collective meetings, etc. Quite simply because it felt some times that I literally spent half my time in that place.

Well today I found myself having to explain a Denny-ism that I’ve said for years… and thought to myself, “I should write a book called everything I needed to learn about social interaction I learned at Denny’s“.

With great quotes like;

  • Denny’s is a family establishment, not a place to establish a family.
  • Table 21 is reserved for lesbian love.
  • Always look both ways before launching foreign objects at adjacent tables.
  • The right hand urinal is always 1.5 tiles lower then the left hand one.

I’m terribly amused right now.

G’Kar 2008

me: heh
thats so awesome

vigilante.angel: Hehe.
My excitement is significantly muted by my lack of fanboydom in Babylon 5.

me: bah! I have all 5 seasons on DVD and have watched them multiple times.

vigilante.angel: You’re a dorkosaurus. King of the dorkosaurs.

me: have you ever watched it? Its good stuff.

vigilante.angel: When one of the other Dorkasaurs kills a noob, they lay the still-warm noobflesh ‘neath your nerdly talons, for you are Dorkosaurus Rex, king of the dorkosaurs, and you get first pick of the kill.

I’m sorry, what were you saying? I was busy being all mockumentary-voicey.

I’m the Doctor, now run for your life!

There is an article over on Slashdot touting the demise of Dr Who after the next season (4) is done. Apparently the article is being run on a UK tabloid site The Sun. Feel free to check it out, but this is by no means official. Fret not until the BBC announces the same thing.

I really wish that stupid garbage like this wouldn’t make it onto slashdot. I have never considered them a rumor site, and publishing this trash just doesn’t help.

source: the sun