Recycling: Businesses

Today I went outside here at work, and the bar next door has about six large trash bags tucked behind their dumpster, and I got to thinking. NH seems to be a little behind the times on recycling laws. How many resources are dumped into land fills that we could easily recycle? Things like cans, bottles, papers. What businesses are the largest producers of this type of waste? Bars and restaurants. How could we incentivize (is that a word?) these companies to recycle?

So that lead me to think that perhaps we should make recycling of most (say 75%) of such waste mandatory. We already do state health inspections of facilities. How hard would it be to have them check to make sure that most of a businesses waste in these areas is put into a separate bin for recycling? Seems pretty trivial to me. Alternatively the towns and/or state could provide pick up services (like they to do residential) and it could be tracked that way. I understand that businesses would need to pay for the receptacles, and the service, but that could then be tied into a tax break for them. (ie Cost of doing business.) Or an additional reward of an additional tax break.

Just some random thoughts…

a brief? blurb of community service

The following is an email I sent to the Realms OOC list, but really it applies to a much broader audience then just them…

— start email —

Greetings Denizens of the Realms Community,

As you may (or may not be) aware this years EGC and EHC meetings were (will
be) held in Nashua NH at 45 High St in a building owned by Harbor
Homes, Inc. Harbor Homes, is a non-profit company for provides many
different types of services to the homeless and mentally ill. What you may
not know is that they also provide transitional housing for homeless
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I am distracted today. Last night Dogman (our neighbor) yelled obscenities out the window at my wife because she was cleaning the snow off her car. Sure she used a shovel to push the snow off her car, and shoveled the section between the cars afterwards. But did she really deserve for you to yell at her again? The last time you yelled at her because you had someone parking in her spot who wasn’t a tenant and I blew the horn. Read your lease, parking is for tenants only. You don’t own a shovel. You refuse to help pay the snow plow.

Are you indeed good for anything other then yelling at my wife when I am not around?

My patience for you has evaporated. The kids gloves are off. From now on

  • If I can hear your TV or your dog bark past 10-11pm I am going to call the property manager and complain, and if that fails I will start calling the police and complaining about the time and volume.
  • If you yell at my wife I am going to call the police.
  • If you park in the spots I or my wife spent the time and energy cleaning out I will have you towed.
  • If you do not take out the trash I will not take it out for you, and I will call the property manager and complain.

Buy yourself a shovel, contribute to the building. Follow the rules set forth in your lease that you agreed to. Stop being a child, and act like an adult.

Jack Thompson : Please commit suicide

Everyone in the States has heard of the ESRB if they play video games. The Entertainment Software Rating Board is a non-profit, self regulatory board essentially started and owned by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). They assign ratings to video games to give parents a better idea of the content of that video game. They also help enforce industry adopted advertising guidelines. Also according to their site they some how help with online privacy. (Not sure how, didn’t read that in depth about that one.)

Everyone in the States has heard of BestBuy, one of the larger electronics retail distributors. They sell everything from digital cameras, CDs, DVDs, computers, monitors, and sound systems to RAM, Hard drives, washers, dryers, and World of Warcraft. That is to say they sell everything electronic and that includes video games and other software.

This might lead you to ask what do these two have to do with each other? Technically very little. Unless of course you add a self aggrandizing and egotistical lawyer into the mix. Enter Attorney Jack Thompson. Who is Attorney Jack Thompson? By all means please pause here to peruse just a little of his many articles online. Yes, I realize that to read just those three sites might take hours, so I hoped that you only skimmed them or were already familiar with him. Let’s move on to the point…

If the ESRB are guidelines, and not laws. If Bestbuy tries to follow those guidelines, that once again are not laws. And if oh say dear old Jack decided to send his 15 year old son to Bestbuy to purchase a “rated M” game… how would anyone in their right mind think that they can sue Bestbuy, AND the ESRB! Oh hey wait I know! Jack you have violated the ESRB guidelines by allowing your son to purchase a “rated M” game! You should also add yourself to that lawsuit!

For fuck sake, disbar him please. I’m sick of hearing about this guy.

The TV and movies children watch, the video games that children play, the music children listen to and the books or magazines that children read are the responsibility of their parents to police. Not law enforcement agencies, and certainly not you. So shut the fuck up and go commit suicide since that is what you’ve done to your political and law careers.

Civic Duty and Realms Rant interwoven

There is a little thing called civic duty. Arguably one could call it sense of community obligation. There are several ways to discuss the same topic. It all boils down simply to if you are truly a member of the community. If one skates the edges of responsibility to the community and or one does not participate in the very community centric events, are they truly a member?

What is community?

Websters dictionary (here defines Community like this:

Pronunciation: kə-ˈmyü-nə-tē
Function: noun

1: a unified body of individuals: as a: state, commonwealth b: the people with common interests living in a particular area; broadly : the area itself c: an interacting population of various kinds of individuals (as species) in a common location d: a group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society e: a group linked by a common policy f: a body of persons or nations having a common history or common social, economic, and political interests g: a body of persons of common and especially professional interests scattered through a larger society 2: society at large3 a: joint ownership or participation b: common character : likeness c: social activity : fellowship d: a social state or condition

Community is a group or organization of individuals that share something together over a course of time. This can be something as simple is monthly meetings to support your local Linux Users Group (LUG) or something as diverse as the players in a Live Action Role Playing Game (LARP). Community is the responsibility of everyone in it for the betterment of, continued success of, and continued existence of the group or whole. Simply this means that if you are a member of the group then you are expected and responsible for some or all these things.

Let us use a current day example. Heinlein wrote about civic duty, and civic responsibility in his book Starship Troopers. Where to become a citizen one had to participate in public services and/or serve a term in the military. To get the right to have a voice in the way things are run, to be able to vote, you have to be a citizen. This purposely creates a divide between those willing to serve and those who are not. If you are not willing to, or have risked dying for the cause you do not understand what it means to be a part of the community (in this case citizen).

One could draw a parallel between this style of “government” and the current ruling class in the Realms today. To become an event holder and have the right to vote at the EHC takes more then just the decision to become an event holder. It takes the dedication to a minimum level of attendance as well. This is a service to the community. You not only have thrown an event using our community rule system (and hopefully it was a good one), but you have attended a certain amount of other events which helps the community as a whole.

One could possibly argue that the minimum attendance meant a lot more when it was instituted. When there were 24-30 events a year it was a lot more to commit to and attend 6 events in that time. Now that there are more events in the year 36+ it is a lot easier to make it to and attend those 6 events.

Which brings me to point one of this dissertation. The definition of requirements to vote at the EH should be changed. It should be brought more in line with what it initially meant or it should be changed to better reflect the current level of community.

Simple fix: Up the number of events that must be attended in reference to event calendar average. If the average events have gone up in the given year from 24 to 36 then six should be changed to nine. (this is of course a vast generalization and does not reflect the actual numbers beyond gross estimation.)

Pros: None that I can think of. However fewer cooks in the kitchen may result in less time spent at the EHC meetings ever year.

to be continued…

birthday + alcohol + fire + dancing girls = trip to hospital

Last night was interesting. Matronsinafay and I went up to Malcom’s place for his and Steph’s birthday party. I liked the fountain of wine. Mostly it was a good time. It was nice to see some people that I do not get to see a whole lot in recent months.

I say mostly predominantly because of Steph cutting her hand wide open. Which of course resulted in Malcom, SirK, and I taking her to the Hospital. During the course of them stitching her up (and several phone calls from a concerned Timbywaffle) we had a good conversation about old Sierra video games. Such as Kings Quest, Police Quest, and Space Quest.

Timbywaffle, Jinx, and the chain mail tie jester showed up as they were letting her leave. Which of course is when I found out about some schmucks almost blowing up Matronsinafay and Jess with some illegal firework that was the equivalent to a quarter stick of dynamite. Luckily for them they were gone before we got back.

We hung out for some time after that and then headed home to get some sleep before gaming. Of course I’m sitting here writing this because gaming was canceled. Annoying that it was canceled because one person couldn’t make it.

Musings on homelessness, and government

Today I attended the 2007 HUD New England Regional HMIS Conference at the University of Massachusetts in Boston. HMIS stands for Homeless Management Information System. It is essentially HUDs answer for collecting and tracking date related to the Homeless.

I think that many people equate the homeless with the jobless. This is a common misnomer. Over the past few years of working for my current employer my views of the world have been challenged, and I dare say broadened. There are several items that once realized forever change the world for you. The number of homeless veterans for example is staggering. So is the number of homeless whom are also mentally ill.

If one were to compare the amount of money being spent daily on the war in Iraq versus the amount of money it would take to house just the number of homeless we know about in this country would be very telling. Despite what any government official may state publicly in an speech, no one knows the real number of homeless in the USA. Any number is either a projection, or based on the number of contacted people. Who can count how many are not contacted or been outreached to? No one.

I believe that the only way to do so would be to implant everyone in the country with a microchip (like the RFID one that has been talked about in recent months). We would then have to place RFID receivers on every street corner and every door in the country. Even then I’m not convinced that it would be possible. So long as every new born child was born and implanted in the hospital the bulk of people could be accounted for in a few generations. Scary idea huh?

But how do you make the people want it? The government could pass a law. This would not be wise, nor easy. The best and easiest idea is to make them want it. Imagine a barcode or RFID tag system in which the federal government linked to a interest free “credit card account”. One which when used gave a 10% off any purchase made in which the RFID or barcode was scanned. People would line up and there would be huge waiting lines for people to get them. This would also allow them to collect demographics on their citizens. Thats an even scarier thought.

We’ve seen the government moving towards just this sort of thing. Have you heard about the Real ID Act? Now I admit that the Real ID Act is a long way away from what I proposed as a possibility earlier in this post, it is another thing going in the direction of a bleak future. The government seems more and more intent on taking away freedoms, and tracking its citizens movements. Can you say centralized government databases. In this age where data theft is starting to become a reality more and more, and corporate espionage no longer being firmly seated in the realm of science fiction… Why would anyone want this? Isn’t anyone else scared by what they see?