New Car 2010

So since my last car died on the highway doing 75 mph on the way to Casa De Dolph I have been saving for a new car. I’ve been watching the Car Auction, and checking some dealerships for something that I like and can afford. A while back The Garbos family went on vacation to Florida and I got to drive their cars for a week. I found that I really liked the way that Sir Aeryck’s car drove, but didn’t like the street noise that it made (which I think is due to him badly needing a front end alignment).

Sunday I went out to where I got my last car (95 Chrysler LHS) back in 1996, and inquired about used Dodge Calibers. They didn’t have any used ones so I test drove two 2010s; one standard, one automatic. I had them look into financing to get one. Much to my surprise Monday they called me back and said that they got me financing, and got the Black standard that I wanted from another nearby dealership from about 50 miles away).

Yesterday I went in, signed all the paperwork, and gave them a fat cashiers check and drove away with my new car. Here is a picture that DameFreesia took before I left the lot.

Neil in Car

I immediately drove around the corner to Psymon’s house to show him.

Today at work I took a couple more pictures of the car at work. Here they are:

front angle

Yay new car!

New Freesia Mobile!

Tonight DameFreesia and I went out to Salem NH to the Interstate Auto Auction and bought her a new car with her Tax Returns. Thanks Meds and chica for accompanying us. We got a car for about half of blue book value!

title: 2002 Volkswagen Jetta
Description: GLS Wagon 4D – Transmission: 5 Speed Manual – Engine: 4-Cyl. 2.0 Liter – Mileage: 183634 – ExtColor: Silver – IntColor: Black – Features: Abs (4-wheel),Air Conditioning,Dual Front Air Bags,Front Side Air Bags,Power Door Locks,Power Steering,Power Windows,Roof Rack,Tilt Wheel – Vin#:WVWSK61J02W263344 KELLEY BLUE BOOK VALUE $5,445


The other day I got up like any other day, took a shower, got dressed, went out to the car and started to drive into work. I made it barely out of the driveway when I looked down, and noticed that my LHS had just turned over to 150,000 miles. It funny I never thought that I would have the car this long. Or that it would still be drivable for that matter.

Car woes and egg counting

The woes…

Its that time of year when money crunches as the state collects their car registration tax and the government gets their share also. The garages get their over inflated attach a sticker to the car tax. Only this time I have thing on the car that need fixing. Oh wait, I needed to do that last year too. And the year before that, and the year before…

So, with some help from my boss @ Denny’s I do my own breaks. Which costs me about $80, instead of lining the pockets of some garage or the other. Now I just need to get a new windshield and I’m good to go, right? Wrong. It seems that I have to expend another $1000 to get the car fixed to pass inspection. This coupled with the bad timing of Matronsinafay’s car being quite literally a jaws of life candidate make for a bad time. I have 7 days left to get my car inspected. I, certainly, do not have that kind of money laying around. You may ask why so much and my answer would be ball joints and tie rods. Knowing next to nothing about cars means of course I have no concept of what it should cost. I do know that tie rods have something to do with steering, and that when I had a bent tie rod on the Thighmaster one wheel was turned when the other was straight. This sounds officially like bad news.

The egg counting…

One should as they say never count your eggs before the are hatched. So what am I doing counting eggs? Exactly that. Tempting fate. I’ve gotten enough hours at HHI to almost come up with the $1000 for the car I just need to wait until next pay cycle to get it. And I have a meeting monday with the Director to “discuss” bringing me on full time. For those not “in the know” I’ve worked for them part time for almost 4 years now. This would mean a steady and solid full time position, a very nice benefits, and a normal eight to four with no weekends!

How’s that for counting eggs?

automobiles and jobs…

Just got the car out of the shop… $888 later. Yay I’m mobile again!! Of course I’m broke. More then broke. If anyone is working for a company that needs any sort of customer service and/or IT support and/or SysAdmin work please let me know asap. I’m really sick of pouring thru, and all the other job sites.

Went to the Monarchs game last night w/ matronsinafay, nateverlast, and blkw1d. Was a lot of fun. They creamed Conn. Lots of fights! yay.

I’m putting together a mini Millenium Falcon that blkw1d and the1andonlyerg got me for my bday. 🙂 The mini Star Destroyer is of course already on Dreams’ monitor. Thats all for now. Peace.