Debian – apt-get update GPG error

I have been running a Debian server here at work for a several years now mostly as a web server, but also as a way for me to have quick access to some of the old cli tools like whois, dig, etc.  While running updates I ran across this error:

Fetched 199 B in 1s (122 B/s)
Reading package lists... Done
W: GPG error: stable Release: The following signatures couldn't be 
verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 57801F6F5B9EFD43


You can fix this by simply re-add the key by running the follow command at the command line:

wget -O - | sudo apt-key add -



Windows7: MsMpEng.exe

Windows 7 is out to the general populace and comes with a brand new set of fun. So far since I installed x64 Enterprise edition (One of the benefits of my job) it has been remarkably stable. I love how fast my machine boots, and how I can “wake” it up using my keyboard. It actually boots faster then my Linux box… but I digress.

I‘ve noticed that some times when I come out of “standby” such as after I wake up the that machine has a LOT of disk activity. I mean a LOT. So firing up Task Manager and Resource Monitor reveals that MsMpEng.exe is reading the disk, and consuming a load of CPU. A quick IllGoogleItForYou shows me that process belongs to Window Defender. Windows defender comes stock with Windows7. Ok so maybe its scanning my machine for viri or malware. Open up Windows Defender…

 This Program is turned off.

 If you are using another program that checks for harmful or unwanted 
 software, use the Action Center to check that program's status.

 If you would like to use this program, click here to turn it on.

Interesting. Apparently Windows Defender is also part of Microsoft Security Essentials. Anyway the point, if you open MSE it will tell you if you are currently running a scan. You could cancel the scan to get the resource problem to go away, or you can at least now see the status of the scan in progress. [note: I do not recommend that you cancel your antivirus scans]

New system sound!

Marduath and I were talking today and decided that the Windows XP default “bong” noise when something bad happens needed to be changed. So we picked out a new sound, and now my machine makes that sound instead (see attached file).

Here is how you can do it to!

Using Classic view
1. START -> Control Panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices
2. Click on the Sounds Tab
3. In the “Program Events” window scroll down until you see “Critical Stop”
4. click Browse
5. copy the sound file into the window and select it, click ok.
Repeat this process for “Default Beep”, “Device Failed to Connect”, and “Program Error”.

Using Category View
1. START -> Control Panel -> Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices
2. Click on “Change the sound Scheme”
3. Click on the Sounds Tab
4. In the “Program Events” window scroll down until you see “Critical Stop”
5. click Browse
6. copy the sound file into the window and select it, click ok.
Repeat this process for “Default Beep”, “Device Failed to Connect”, and “Program Error”.

craptastic microsloth annoyances (part 2) – More on SP2

As a side note, IE now has a built in PopUp Blocker (yay?). Lots of people have reported that they are no longer capable of running windows update since installing SP2. Here’s how you fix it;

1.In Internet Explorer, choose Tools -> Pop-up Blocker -> Pop-up Blocker Settings.

2. In the box next to “Address of Web site to allow,” type and click on Add, as you can see in the figure below

I didnt have to do this on Matronsinafay’s machine. But I did have to do it on my test box. Hopefully this will be the last annoying post of the day! (some how I doubt it.)

craptastic microsloth annoyances (part 1)

Have you installed craptastic Service Pack 2 (SP2) on your XP box? If you have you’ll note that microsoft once again has littered it with some (not so) useful new features. Having recently installed it on matronsinafay’s comp after a complete rebuild she was quickly annoyed by the pop up bubbles saying her computer was insecure. (Note: I also threw it on one of my test machines and found that she was right it is bloody annoying.) Here’s how you shut the damn notification off.

1. Click Start and then click Control Panel.

2. Double-click Security Center.
Read more “craptastic microsloth annoyances (part 1)”


As some of you may have heard the nt4 srever that nhstar worked on for on of his clients got rooted.
So we looked around and

Session Start: Mon Nov 24 23:33:36 2003
Session Ident: Bellman
* Logging Bellman to ‘logs\Bellman..log’
-Azzn> so how did you get this lovely little bot onto my server?
-Bellman> do what?
-Azzn> You did a god job of breaking my srever, just wanted to know how you got in 🙂
-Bellman> what?
-Azzn> the bot on my nt server. has bellman in it, and the ip for this irc srever, and the channel that i joined
-Bellman> which bot?
-Azzn> lemme check think its h.exe
-Azzn> cvchost.dll is a log gfile, sent a message to your username here on this irc server
-Azzn> firedaemon possibly
-Azzn> has its own ftp srevice… serv-uftp
-Azzn> port 52525 and locla only 43958
-Bellman> ok then kill it
-Bellman> im sorry
-Azzn> It crashed the server… how did you get it in there?
-Azzn> would like ot make sure that something similar doesnt happen again
-Bellman> dude its program that does it
-Bellman> i dont know how it just does it
-Bellman> if i knew how it got in i would tell you so you can secure your machine
-Azzn> its Micro$haft… secure? lol
-Belman> yea nt has many vulnerabiltys
-Azzn> whats the name of the program, and where can i find a copy?
-Belman> thats what it targets
-Bellman> ohh i cant give that out
-Azzn> I have your screen name, I have the IP of this server, I have the whois Database entry information… I would prefer to get a copy for myself, then hand this all over to a lawenforcement agency.
-Azzn> I even have a log of everyone logged into this IRC server, and this conversation… play nice now. 🙂
-Bellman> youwant me to send You copys of the root kit
-Azzn> yes
-Azzn> please 🙂
-Azzn> or where to get it. 🙂
-Bellman> see the problem is your nt pass word is weak
-Azzn> yeah yeah it was.
-Bellman> http://***********.com/
-Bellman> its freeware
-Azzn> If it was from there, why would you say you can’t give it out?
-Bellman> man i dont know who You are
-Azzn> If I was law enforcement this would be called entrapment. Which i am not. Im just a friend of the admin on the box you rooted, and botted.
-Bellman> true
-Bellman> if it had a pass other than administror it would have been ok
-Bellman> or user
-Azzn> so it doesnt use a buffer over flow then… interesting.
-Azzn> there an easy way to nuke it off the system? Any back doors it leaves? (btw i dont think the password was “administrator” or “user”
-Azzn> so whats the name of the sploit?
-Bellman> yea it only uses like 4 easy”stupid” passwords
-Bellman> i dont know the name
-Bellman> im not a windows server guru
-Azzn> whats the name of the proggy you used to bruteforce in then (the one that uses like 4 easy “stupid” passwds?
-Azzn> the url you gave me has one called Nt server password exploit by [m3th0d] but its a dead link
-Bellman> all the progs are there on that site
-Bellman> ok man you got all the info
-Bellman> see ya
-Azzn> Thanks for the help. see yah
Session Close: Tue Nov 25 00:00:00 2003

from the Status window…
-barfly.-SERVERNAME>.com- *** You are permanently banned from -SERVERNAME>(no reason)

Yeah fucking right… Like I dont have access to 2.5 million other machines that have differnet IP addresses and can log in any time i want to. Nice try. heh. (Note: the server name has been removed, and the one httplink was blotted out)