Backups aren’t just for breakfast anymore

It seems that the new site database failed to back up correctly for the past 4 months. So in order to get the site back up and running again I had to re-import an older version of the database. This means that all the work that I have done on the site is gone forever. Needless to say that it will take me a while to re-write all the posts that are missing, and get the site back to where it was.

Please take a minute and make sure that your backups are running correctly. Thank you.

Welcome to day 0.

UPDATE: Original backup restored was from 2018/10/03. I’ve just restored the site to a newer backup of 2018/10/31. undergoing changes

Good afternoon all,

I’ve just completed migrating my site from Drupal to WordPress. and it seems that resulted in a loss of all images, and some of the posts and fonts didnt transfer well either.  While I plan to go back through and remove bad formatting I doubt that I will take the time to re-cover the images, but chances are most of them were really old and no longer needed.  New posts going forward will of course have new images. 🙂

server upgraded

You may have noticed that the site is serving a lot faster recently. On Jan 23rd 2015 I migrated the site from my old server to my new server. The old server was an old HP Proliant ML350 with two (2) Intel (R) XEON(TM) 3.4Ghz processors with 2 cores each (2mb cache), 2 GB of DDR2 400mhz ram. The new machine is a virtual which has five (5) Intel(R) Xeon(R) 2.67Ghz processor cores (20mb cache) and 8 GB of DDR3 1333mhz.

Initially I threw more processors and less RAM at it, but after playing around with it for the last few days I've lowered the processors and upped the RAM. So far I'm quite happy with how its worked out. 

Host Gator 50% Off Sale — One Day Only

Are you looking for webhosting? Well it just so happens that today is the 11th anniversary of HostGator and they are celebrating with a sale.

50% off new Hosting Packages and $2.95 domains

I know I know that's hardly news worthy, but I've been using HostGator and an affiliate for over a year now and their service has been extremely reliable for me. More so than any other web hosting experience I have had in the past seventeen years.

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Amazon Prime 30 day trials

Amazon is offering free 30-day trials of Amazon Prime (regularly prices $79/year). Members can instantly watch of 40,000 movies and TV episodes. Borrow books from the Kindle Owners Lending Library, and get unlimited free two-day shipping (with no minimum order size).

Why am I tell you about it? Quite plainly because I’m an Amazon Associate and I earn referral fees every time someone signs up. So if you use this website or want to help support my efforts of running this site, or my osTicket efforts, etc. and do not currently have an Amazon Prime account and would like to try it out please consider checking it out by using one of the following links:

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Amazon Prime free 30 day trial

note: you do not need to complete your trial or become a full prime member for me to get the referral bonus.

NHRD: St Baldricks Fundraiser / Kennedy Cup Championships

Maybe you have heard by now, but my wife is the greatest! Would you like to know more?

Of course you would! She’s a pretty big deal in that she has help raise thousands of dollars for the Norris Cotton Cancer Center by throwing the Realms Aid event series over the years and every few years she cuts her hair and donates it. She’s been playing Roller Derby with New Hampshire Roller Derby (NHRD) for several years now, and her and several other members of her league are participating in a St Baldticks fund raiser on August 24th in Manchester NH at 4pm at:

JFK Coliseum
303 Beech Street
Manchester , NH US

Not only can you come and see some very brave ladies of the Derby shave their heads but you can also watch two roller derby bouts afterward! One of which is the home team Championship! Come see who wins the Kennedy Cup this year and imemdiately followed by NHRD’s very own Queen City Cherry Bombs vs the CT Rollergirls “Yankee Brutals”!

You can donate to Irate Pirate’s cause at:
Bethany Tozier | St Baldrick’s Donation page

Welcome to Again!

Welcome to the re-re-launch of (the personal web pages of Neilscott Tozier).

This site was down for almost a year, and now that I finally have the mysql back up files from my previous host I have put it up on a new machine, and updated the code base. I will slowly be filling in past events, adding new events, and updating this site. In the past few days since I re-re-launched the site I’ve updated to the new 6.14 code base, performed about 6 admin updates, and posted about 25 new articles, posts, or whatever you want to call them.