osTicket and 1.7.5 released (and 1.8.1 DPR)!

Earlier tonight the osTicket developers announced that the current branch of osTicket 1.8 has it's newest child with the release of  This version features several new enhancements and a bunch of bug fixes. In this same announcement they release a bug patch for the 1.7 tree (1.7.5) which fixes some bugs. Then in almost the same breath they announced the Developer Preview Release (DPR) of the much anticipated 1.8.1! 

1.8.1 has three new features that people have been waiting for for quite a while.  They are Collaboration (CC/BCC support), Plugin Support (rudimentary), and Pluggable Authentication (LDAP/AD).  These features are not complete yet, but do show a lot of promise.

Additional details, including bug and enhancement details of the release(s) can be found here.

source: osTicket Forums