Revisted: MyFitnessPal 2015

Back in mid 2012 I wrote a review of a mobile cell phone app called MyFitnessPal (which also has a webpage) A few months after that I followed up the post with an update about it. Here we are in 2015 and I figured that I should do my due diligence of updating you about it again.

You can read these posts here:
One month of MyFitnessPal a review (27 Jul 2012)
Three months of MyFitnessPal a review (25 Sept 2012)

While I’ve never fully stopped using the software I did stop being as complete or thorough as I should have been. I’ve since also picked up a FitBit Flex. But none of that is why I am writing today.

Yesterday Under Armour (UA) [and MFP] announced that they reached an agreement to purchased MFP for $475 million. What does this mean to you? Well according to the MFP blog post (source 2 below):

“In the meantime, please rest assured that your experience with MyFitnessPal will not change. Our products, services and team will remain the same. MyFitnessPal will still be free to use, you own your data and Under Armour will never sell it to any third parties. We will also continue to sync with your wearable devices and fitness apps.”

source 1: Motley Fool
source 2: MyFitnessPal

App: Castle Clash for Android

I've been playing a new free game on my cell phone recently called Castle Clash. I've also got my roommate addicted to it It took my quite a while to find the hero upgrade costs so here they are.

When you first get a Hero they are level 1 and can reach level 20. A Hero can have 9 stars, and presumably reach level 180. You get your heroes experience by running dungeons and battling other players (the way that costs gold).

When a Hero maxes out it's level it can be upgraded. When upgraded it will gain a star, raises the Hero's max level by 20, and increases the Hero's stats a little.

Star Gold price Hero Badge price "Flames" requirement

Max. Level

1 N/A N/A N/A 20
2 10,000 1,000 10 40
3 30,000 3,000 50 60
4 100,000 10,000 75 80
5 200,000 20,000 105 100
6 300,000 30,000 135 120
7       140
8       160
9       180

^ Conquering Dungeon rooms gives you "flames."

APP: Locket [UPDATE]

Back on July 25th I posted an article about an Android app called Locket (Beta) which puts ads on your devices lock screen and pays you for unlocking your device. Since installing the application my balance is $15. Today they released the new version of Locket version 1.1, and some big changes came down. For starters the 3 paid swipes per hour limitaion has been lifted, however [and this is a big one] you will now only get paid $0.01 each time you see a new add per day. Right now there really isn’t a lot of ads and since they appear to be random it really reduces your immediate daily income. They have however promised that the number of ads will be increasing making it possible of earning a lot more than the average user made during the first part of the beta. They have also changed the minimum payout to be $20 and ended the $1.00 friend referral program as of today. Lastly they added a new “Earn More” menu option which currently has “Aarki Offer Wall” which has a number of things that you can do to earn a little more which mostly consisting of installing apps, etc.

While I am hoping that they do something to increase teh number of ads sooner rather than later I am going to keep this app installed for now because something is better than nothing.

APP: Locket

Hey, check out Locket. It’s an Android app that pays you for unlocking your phone. The way it’s done is simple. By downloading the app, you basically rent out your lock screen to brands. At one swipe, you can either open the ad, or unlock your phone the way you always do.

Every time you unlock your phone (up to three times per hours) you get $0.01. Every friend that you have who signed up using your link gets you $1.00 right now.

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Three months of MyFitnessPal a review

It has been a little over three months since I started using MyFitnessPal. Since that time I have lost a significant amount of weight (32lbs). This of course has been a combination of watching what I eat and going to the gym more. For more information about this app and web site see below:

Created by MyFitnessPal – Free Calorie Counter

You can also read my more in depth One Month MyFitnessPal Review

One month of MyFitnessPal a review

I do not usually post about things that I consider too personal, but I’ve achieved something personal that I found I just had to share. I’m not the healthiest person in the world, and I know I eat too much because at heart I’m a “fat kid” and love food. My daughter came to visit this summer and we started hitting the gym together almost every day. After about three weeks of doing this I noticed that my belt that fit perfectly before was now too loose. It still worked as a belt but barely.

On June 23rd I broke down and decided to try an app that my wife had been using for a while and started getting other people to use it also called My Fitness Pal. You can download it for Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, or Windows Phone 7. You can also access the site online in any web browser at Since that day I have nearly religiously [My wife says I obsess about it.] entered everything that I have eaten. I do some “guesstimation”, but generally try to err on the higher side. I also enter most of my actual exercise and try to err on the lower side.

I‘m quite happy to say that since that day just over a month ago, I have lost 20 pounds! Just writing that sounds incredible to me. I try my best to get to the gym twice a week, and if I do not I make sure that I do activity things [such as making large props for the LARP I play in (carpentry), practice combat (like fencing), and/or go for a walk]. My roommates got a huge kick out of watching me walk in circles around my parking lot at home for 15 minutes one night.

But losing that much by dieting can’t be healthy can it? Well I’m not a nutritionist, or particularly well versed in this sort of thing… but I feel better then I have in a while. I’ve started taking multivitamins. The app lets you see what your getting for a number of different categories [Fat, Cholesterol, Sodium, Potassium, Carbs, Protein, Vitamin A and C, Calcium and Iron]. I also track my water intake. It also has a great little scan bar code feature that lets you quickly and easily add items to your “food diary”.

If you concerned with your weight, or convinced your metabolism has betrayed you, by all means check this great (and FREE as in beer) app [or site] out. I’ve been amazed at how well it’s worked for me.

As a closing thought, some good friends of mine that I turned on this free product also picked up a great little pedometer device called a “Fitbit Ultra Tracker” that tells them how far they have walked, how many flights of stairs they have gone up, etc. The reason that I mention this is because you can add your FitBit to your MyFitnessPal account and it will automatically import the data measured by your tracker. While I have yet to pick one up myself, they think its “great” and they have almost swayed my opinion on spending $100 on the device.