osTicket 1.7.1ST released!

Just minutes ago the new version of osTicket 1.7.1ST was released. This is the second stable release of the 1.7 series. It include many bug fixes, security fixes, and introduces a slew of new features and enhancements. Some of the more notable are:

  • Custom logos and site pages
  • Password reset link
  • Export and import feature. Useful for migrations and backups.
  • Use your email address as your username for logins
  • SLA’s can be marked transient. Tickets with a transient SLA will change to the SLA of the new department or help-topic when transferred or edited.
  • Support installation on MySQL and MariaDB clusters. Use default storage engine and don’t assume predictable auto-increment values.

For a complete list of core features visit osticket.com and be sure to check the release notes.