Revisted: MyFitnessPal 2015

Back in mid 2012 I wrote a review of a mobile cell phone app called MyFitnessPal (which also has a webpage) A few months after that I followed up the post with an update about it. Here we are in 2015 and I figured that I should do my due diligence of updating you about it again.

You can read these posts here:
One month of MyFitnessPal a review (27 Jul 2012)
Three months of MyFitnessPal a review (25 Sept 2012)

While I’ve never fully stopped using the software I did stop being as complete or thorough as I should have been. I’ve since also picked up a FitBit Flex. But none of that is why I am writing today.

Yesterday Under Armour (UA) [and MFP] announced that they reached an agreement to purchased MFP for $475 million. What does this mean to you? Well according to the MFP blog post (source 2 below):

“In the meantime, please rest assured that your experience with MyFitnessPal will not change. Our products, services and team will remain the same. MyFitnessPal will still be free to use, you own your data and Under Armour will never sell it to any third parties. We will also continue to sync with your wearable devices and fitness apps.”

source 1: Motley Fool
source 2: MyFitnessPal

Life: On Being a quitter

Day 1 – Morning: Routine Changes

Today is a brand new day. It began almost like any other day, but with a few minor differences. I’m not a morning person, never have been, probably never will be. This morning I woke up, hit snooze a couple times and was surprised by how awake and alert I felt. Usually this is not the case, and I need to get some caffeine and be awake an hour before I feel like I can function like a normal human being.

I didn’t change much in my regular morning routine. I showered, shaved, dressed, grabbed my 2 cups of coffee (in one giant mug) with one small spoon of sugar, threw some ice into it and took my vitamins. I put on my brand new Queen City Cherry Bombs hoodie and leather jacket. Decided on sneakers instead of boots, walked outside, hopped in my car and drove to work.

I imagine that this is a fairly standard routine for most employed adults. I made two deviations from my standard routine today. First I put on a new (and clean) hoodie, and secondly I didn’t have a cigarette before going to work. Why do I repeat and mention this? Because it means not only do I not smell like smoke right now, but I got to work nearly 15 minutes earlier than I usually do.

As it stands now its nearly 11am EST. I’ve already caught myself thinking that I should go out for a cigarette twice, and the lack of nicotine headache has already set in. For me the headache starts as a dull background fuzziness that makes it hard to focus. My body feels like its in a heightened sense of alertness, as my mind wanders from my bottom back left hand tooth to the bottom of my feet, I wonder if I am dehydrated. I commit to myself that I will drink at least 3 liters of water today. I’ll probably update this post again this afternoon or tonight.

One month of MyFitnessPal a review

I do not usually post about things that I consider too personal, but I’ve achieved something personal that I found I just had to share. I’m not the healthiest person in the world, and I know I eat too much because at heart I’m a “fat kid” and love food. My daughter came to visit this summer and we started hitting the gym together almost every day. After about three weeks of doing this I noticed that my belt that fit perfectly before was now too loose. It still worked as a belt but barely.

On June 23rd I broke down and decided to try an app that my wife had been using for a while and started getting other people to use it also called My Fitness Pal. You can download it for Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, or Windows Phone 7. You can also access the site online in any web browser at Since that day I have nearly religiously [My wife says I obsess about it.] entered everything that I have eaten. I do some “guesstimation”, but generally try to err on the higher side. I also enter most of my actual exercise and try to err on the lower side.

I‘m quite happy to say that since that day just over a month ago, I have lost 20 pounds! Just writing that sounds incredible to me. I try my best to get to the gym twice a week, and if I do not I make sure that I do activity things [such as making large props for the LARP I play in (carpentry), practice combat (like fencing), and/or go for a walk]. My roommates got a huge kick out of watching me walk in circles around my parking lot at home for 15 minutes one night.

But losing that much by dieting can’t be healthy can it? Well I’m not a nutritionist, or particularly well versed in this sort of thing… but I feel better then I have in a while. I’ve started taking multivitamins. The app lets you see what your getting for a number of different categories [Fat, Cholesterol, Sodium, Potassium, Carbs, Protein, Vitamin A and C, Calcium and Iron]. I also track my water intake. It also has a great little scan bar code feature that lets you quickly and easily add items to your “food diary”.

If you concerned with your weight, or convinced your metabolism has betrayed you, by all means check this great (and FREE as in beer) app [or site] out. I’ve been amazed at how well it’s worked for me.

As a closing thought, some good friends of mine that I turned on this free product also picked up a great little pedometer device called a “Fitbit Ultra Tracker” that tells them how far they have walked, how many flights of stairs they have gone up, etc. The reason that I mention this is because you can add your FitBit to your MyFitnessPal account and it will automatically import the data measured by your tracker. While I have yet to pick one up myself, they think its “great” and they have almost swayed my opinion on spending $100 on the device.

Spring Winter Cleaning

Most of you probably know that I squirrel away a metric shit ton of crap that (I feel) other people would never save. I have an old Surround Sound system (two of them actually), 10 old Hard Drives (not in computers), mouse pads (who uses those anymore?), cords, cables, 6 extra (older) video cards, 4+ sound cards… and lots lots more.

So last night I started trashing things. Here is a list of the things that are free to any friend who wants them, first come first served:

  • 2 surround sound systems
  • 1 VCR
  • Assorted Hard Drives: (don’t see why anyone would want these but)
  • * Seagate 4.3gb
    * Western Digital 3.2gb
    * Western Digital 1.6gb
    * Western Digital 80gb (SMART fails, but drive works)
    * Maxtor 31gb

  • 2 SoundBlaster Live! cards
  • 1 Asus Ageia PhysX card (almost new gonna list on ebay)
  • 1 LiteOn 48x Cd-Rom Drive (black) man:2002
  • 1 Netgear Wireless Firewall Router WGT624 v3
  • 1 D-Link Ethernet Broadband Router DI-604

Here is the list of things that I have thrown away:

  • 4 assorted CD / DVD / Drives
  • 33 CDs (including several copies of 95, 98, 98se, 2k, and Vista)
  • 2 Hard Drives (8gb broken. unknown clicked. WD 80gb. WD 80gb. WD 36gb Raptor. WB 80gb w/78 bad sectors)
  • Boxes from EverQuest: Trilogy, EverQuest: Shadows of Luclin, Unreal Tournament 2004,
  • 5 lbs of assorted pieces of paper, manuals, and such

These lists will be updated periodically. If you want any of this stuff let me know asap, as I will be throwing it all away in a week. (Or trying to list what i think will sell on ebay.)

Live SMOKE free or die

The House today approved a smoking ban bill 224-117 and sent it to Governor. According to an article over on WMUR the Governor has said that he will sign it. “Nashua Sen. David Gottesman, the prime sponsor, said a ban will protect workers and customers from the health risks of secondhand smoke.” This is more government thinking people are too stupid to know that smoking and being around smoke is bad for them. The more responsibilities and freedoms we take away from the people the more problems will result. Parents and adults should be held responsible for their own actions or in-actions. Making laws taking away the freedom of choice is not the way the government should be heading.