Some quotes from the long weekend…

Whiles things are still not clear in my mind, and doubtlessly… never will be… I thought before things get even more muddled in the old cranium, which holds memories like a steel seive trying to hold oil…

Saturday night ——

“Oh great Set! Its me Vary your High Priest!”
(oh this is gonna be fun… maybe i should answer him… Convert him subtlely to my follower…)

a while later this desperate PC manages to break thru the lines some how. Note this was not an easy feat.
the entire time he’s screaming oh graet Set, Its me Vary your high priest. Ok lets have some fun with this one.
After all he has put forth a lot of effort to see me.

He bows immediately in my presence. (Finally a PC that does it with out being told.

“Oh great Set, I am Vary your High Priest. I have accomplished the tasks that you have set forth for me.
I have brought you the soul of a King, I have destroyed a country, and I have… blah. (sorry cant remember the other one)
I ask that you come forth with me, and together we will cleanse the invaders and take over the Realms (or something like this)”

“Time out a sec.” Pick up the walkie talkie off my belt. “Beth I need your advice.”
“Yeah?” comes the reply.
“Vary… a PC just asked me to roll the event site… ”
“HAHAHAHAHAHA thats great. Give him a task to prove his loyalty.”

“Vary bring my another soul of a King to prove your loyalty.”

He never came back… (darn)

Sunday night —–

“axe axe axe axe” (we trip over each other)
I say Are you ok?
“yeah. are you dead?”
I reply “armor 1, armor 2, resist death, resist death”
“oh fuck”

Two people make it into my pyramid and demand audience with me…

“Oh great Pharoh we seek audience with you.”
“I am ____________ (insert name). And this is my friend Cat.”
“Well sorta yes, she is a cat.”
(Pointing at talking person) Kill him. (pointing at Cat) Keep her.
splat goes the skeleton

a little while later…

“Oh great Pharoh It’s me again. Is there anything i can do to get my friend back?”
(thinking to myself, I should give him a chance to get this poor PC back out of the night quest)
“Yes, bring me a cat to replace her. And if she wishes to leave she may.”

a little while later…

“Oh great Pharoh..”
(looking him up and down) Do you have a cat?
(Never fail your Ghod, we get annoyed easily)
splat goes the skeleton again

Walking back to the Cat being guarded by one of my guardians which should have been having fun out rolling the PCs.
“Where is Bones? Is Bones back?” whimpers the Cat.
“Your friend has failed.”

(And I walked away again)

Beth comes over to me. “Your High Priest is Dead, and they just killed your wife. Gather your guardians and cause havoc.”
“All right, lets go roll em. All you guardians thru the passage and line up outside. I’ll come out and call the charge.”
Five of the guardians walk outside, and I follow.
“GUARDIANS!!” (pointing towards the PCs) KREEE!!!!!
As I wade out into the PCs, calling Armor Piercing, Armor Peircing, Armor piercing, leaving a trail of bodies behind me…. I didnt stop til i reached the Gate.
Then I turned around and fought my way back to the pyramid. Getting back out side some people attacked me.
“Axe Axe” “Armor piercing! Armor Piercing!”, “axe Axe” “Armor piercing!”
“I AM A FINAL WORD DEMON!!! 1…… 2….. 3…… 4……”
So much fun….


Leaving for Creathorne tomorrow some time. Pretty sure I’m all poacked, and ready to go. I kinda wish i had gone up tonight to hang out. Maybe next time. Pretty sure I’m catching a cold. What great timing right? Anyway, catch you all on the flip side.


So as you may know, we have a metric shit ton of books laying around the house. One of which is an ancient tome entitled “Structured Cobol Fundamentals and Style” by Tyler Welburn. You may think just burn it. But one shouldn’t run around just burning ancient outdated tomes and repositories of ancient wisdom. And well one just cannot throw books away. It’s just not done! So we have found a new use for it.

“Cobol kills wasps dead.”, says Tom.

Well I found it terribly amusing at least.

Verse 03:4:o1

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Open Letter to Anon

“Love. I get so lost, somtimes.” – Peter Gabrieli

There are time(s) in ones life where all one can do is to try to accept that which they do not want to accept. These times where you want to scream, and shout, and pull your hair out to make people understand what they are doing to you. I hope that those instances are far and few between for you.

Then there are the times where something happens to you and you cant but help think, so this is how so-and-so felt on subject x, or when such and such happened to them. These are the times that put things into perscpective for you and everything seems to click and you almost feel like you have seen so-and-so in a new light, and have a new perspective into their soul. I hope that these instances are numerous in your life, especially if you didnt cause so-and-so to negatively “feel that way.”

Then there are the times that you try and try to do the “right thing” even though it may not be the right thing for you at the time. IF you always try to do right by everyone else you will drive your self crazy. I hope you find a way to balance your time between yourself and others.

Then there are the times when you have to trust someone. Trust is earned. Should someone break the trust they have earned, try to remember that they are human and make mistakes. I hope that you forgive people and trust people easier than i have in this life.

Then there are the times that you will just want to be held. These times you should be extremely picky about who holds you. I hope you have someone to hold you during the hard times when all you want to do it cry.

Then there are the times that try as you might, you just cannot or do not want to go to sleep. When these times approach you I hope that you have something constructive and creative that you can do to pass the time until sleep comes

Then there are the times that you are so overflowing with joy and happiness you never want the moment to end. Remember that time is a fleeting and harsh mistress. I hope that you have the gumption to go through with these times, and hold on to them in memory with happiness.

Then there are the times that you are lost floundering in the ether of that which we call life. These times remember that its just a pond, and shore lies in every direction you take somewhere. I hope that you always have a strong sense of that which you want to do.

After all is said and done, you are indeed more then just the sum of your parts. This you will never remember, for its the hardest lesson of them all. I hope that you always have hope.

“Love… Love… Love… Love… Love is like a open hand.

Stings a little when it lands.” – Ministry

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late night ramblings…

Well I didnt sleep the other night. so around 10pm tonight i crashed for a few hours on the couch. And now I am back hard at work playing with CSS, HTML, Perl/CGI, PHP, etc. Giving my personal webpages some much needed facelifts, redeisgning some things here and there. (most of which no one will probably ever see.) In the process of doing this i redesigned the opening splash screen for my personal site. Now when i first started playing with HTML and noticed the differences of display with the same code on different browsers back in about 1992, I presumed that some of it was just buggy shoddy browser parsing. Here we are in two thousand and fucking four, and we still have multiple browsers displaying the same STANDARD in different ways. Its bloody annoying have to keep multiple browsers installed just so i can make sure that it looks right. And WTF is the deal with no browser offering 100% CSS implementation. Christ CSS (started in 1994) level 1 was recommended (released) in 1996, all you software vendors behind still? I mean GD. IE3 was the first browser with any CSS support at all and it came out in 1996. and Mozilla/Netscape cant bloody get it right either. You’re both fired!

Oops I ranted. Well back to page updating…

UT2003 and more..

So I’m sitting here working on my new project. Setting up a Unreal Tournament 2003 server. (It’s actually up but not available on the net yet, Let’s just say I’m tweaking and modding it to hell), when nhstar walks in and mumbles..

nhstar313 I need a bag of mumblemumblemumble

I reply “You need a bag of doom?

nhstar313 no. I need a bag of glue! glue!