what a day…

I woke up this morning with some lovely company to someone walking into my apartment and yelling to see if anyone was home (8am). Oh yay. Needless to say I ignored it and went back to sleep. Getting up and walking downstairs at 10:50am. Only to be informed by my neighbor (talking to Star) that we had a burst water pipe in the radiator in the computer room. Annoyed disbelief sets in. Then I realize I am indeed standing in a puddle.


Many hours later, after cleaning out nearly the entire computer room (which if you have seen our computer room, is no easy task) the plumber finally shows up. Low and behold less then two feet away from where my computer had been running we found the hole. (thank goodness for the oil heater grate on the floor the water had some place to actually go. Down) The kitchen and living rooms are now over run with computer desks, chairs, monitors, cables, towers, and more. Oh yay. And we had just managed to clean those damn rooms just a few days prior. Go home team!

Taking a pile of papers from my computer desk which is now in pieces, I began to sort thru and throw some things out. You would be surprised some of the things I keep. Ok maybe you wouldn’t be. Well I found something that I have decided that I must have been in a bad mood when i wrote. Here it is, undated of course;

Most Americans will never fully understand the political system that is ours. In fact, most politicians will never understand what their jobs actually are. So many of both latch onto several issues and talk about them during their campaign(s). The politicians attempt to guess which issues and stances are most favorable and run with them.

It is not the politicians job to take stances on issues. Their job is to make the tough decisions based on what the people want. At times this could be against what their personal belief are. They are elected to represent the people. Not just the people that elected them, but all the people in their jurisdiction.

No one should care if John Q. Public personally believes int he death penalty. And John Q. Public should vote against it if enough of the public are against it. How can John Q. Public get this information? How many times a month or a year are town meetings or votes held? Is it not civil responsibility to inform those representatives of issues and where you stand on them?

We should not care what the representative believes. We should care whether or not they are capable of performing their jobs. Making decisions that will affect the world. Decisions to go to war. Decisions to protect and serve the most powerful world power. Decisions the consensus want. Once in the office you do a good, bad, or mediocre job. The PEOPLE will let you know…


well doesn’t that just figure…

It’s often said that one should be careful what they wish for. Every so often something so ironic happens, that you just cant help but think of that phrase. Today is one of those. Last night (early this morning) I posted saying hopefully my honey will come over later today. And come over she did. Of course it was to break up with me, but she came over.

Isn’t that just ironic? I got what i wished for. Yeah well. I think that i just might go play some nice angry music, and wish that i was. Maybe some ICP or HeadPE.

Game Night…

Well its game night. We faced the harsh reality that it wasn’t worth continuing the campaign that we have been playing in for the past year and a half. So we made up some new characters, and next game we will embark out into a big scary world as level 1 again. We all made dwarves. 🙂

I’ve given up the role of cleric in favor of making a monk. Will be interesting to see how things go.

After coming home, I started cleaning. Lil Becky came over and took over doing the dishes for me, and I moved on to vacuuming the living room, computer room, sweeping the hallway, the kitchen, cleaning the stove, doing the trash, etc. The place looks much better now. yay! Well time to try to get some sleep. Hopefully my honey will come over later today.


Tonight was the bi-weekly AD&D campaign. All i have to say is we sucked the pooch. Brian’s character is now lost to us, and he was integral to the campaign plot. We’re out of the village, but now what? We spent all night trying to get out and we finally succeeded, but the cost was too high. Epic level campaigns suck, especially when your in the lower planes.

storms and cars

Nice storm out there tonight. Went to the Garbososki Annual Snoap tree festival. Was fun but my eyes are still watering. The drive home was interesting. Broke my damn windshield wiper. *grumble* Stopped in at Dennys for some Tea, and then came home and watched Battlestar again. Yay for SciFi channel.

Was certainly odd seeing chipmunk63084 and sionache777 and crew walking in the middle of the snow storm on the way home. Hope you all didnt get too cold.