rambling on 12-14-2004

Yesterday was kinda neat…

Went to the Mall to do some xmas shopping. Got most of it covered now. Ran into an old friend from jr high/high school Jeff Sawyer. We stood and talked in the middle of the Mall for a while. Ran into Mosh and his sister also. Didnt see the people I usually see working there, but did run into Acacia.

Came home and watched Time Line w/ Matronsinafay. Was pretty good. (Although she complained in her LJ about me keeping her awake. heh.)

Decided to work on my book a little. Got some more written, at this rate only another few years and maybe, just maybe i will get around to finishing it. yeah right… Not likely.

Went to Denny’s hung out with the cook, Mosh, Eli, and ManchesterGirl for a while. She’s gonna edit/proof read the first half of my book for me. Now I just need to work on getting it typed into a computer. Which of course the last time i worked on typing it in seems like so long ago.

p.s. oh btw, happy early bday Wendilady.