and the sage continues…

Just got home from a job interview that was very promising. It doesn’t look like they will be filling the position that I applied for until the beginning of the next fiscal quarter (aka Jan 1st 2005). However, I was left with that feel good vibe from the interview. Perhaps the job front will finally turn around.

On the bad news front, the state rejected the company name i filed with them. Seems that someone else has the name Black Wolf Gaming, and its too close to Blackwolf Gaming for the state. eBay selling has been pretty good, over $1500 in the past 45 days, and more things on the auction block.

Going to dinner tonight with Dad, Sis, and matronsinafay. Do we know anyone that works at Chili’s on Amherst St? I used to but that was a long time ago in a Galaxy far far away.

BTW the post office is still hiring. Its easy work, and pays pretty well. Seems that they are hiring out side of temps and giving out 360 day appointments. So if anyone wants to make upwards of $13/hr or so give em a yell, or get a hold of me and I can get you the contact info. (no i dont get any type of referral for it.) The place really is a joke. The amount of politics is insane. Definitely not a keeper job, but good supplemental income. Been thinking about writing a few letters to the Post office General, and local news papers regarding the BS that floats around in that place, and the general level of un-organization. It really is a testament to why our postal rates keep going up.

Been working a lot on various different little projects recently. (boredom in the wee hours of the morning does that to me when i cannot sleep.) Here’s some of it;

updated and reworked the backend of;

I have a demo of my company page up here, really could use some feedback on it;

Went to see National Treasure with matronsinafay, Booka and Cams, yesterday at Lowell… Pretty good movie. I’m thinking that I just might have to buy it on DVD since it won’t be out in time for xmas. If you like conspiracy theories/freemason/illuminati stuff go see it. Definitely worth the money. Although i have to admit i was surprised that it was put out by Disney