can’t wake up

So I get to work last night, and pretty much the first thing anyone says to me… “Someone died tonight outside”

So yes someone did indeed die last night at work. I shouldnt really go into specifics, but he was 57 had several heart attacks in his past, a triple bypass surgery not too long ago, and smoked a pack a day. He was a nice guy. Or so people keep telling me. There was a rumor circulating that the defib batteries were dead. Its not true. Friend of mine was the first on the scene from the response team.

Someone else apparently bled all over the bathroom, Haven’t heard the why or how yet. Don’t think I want to know. Death in the work place is enough with out worrying about a little bleeding i guess.

Denny’s afterwords with ladyariadne and bluntpeircing. Was fun. Hope we can do that again some time soon. It was very amusing when they realized that they knew each other.

Home, then 8 hours of sleep, and here I am minor headache coming on, and really not wanting to go back into work tonight. Oh well xmas presents won’t buy themselves. It will be another late night Denny’s night, since it doesnt appear I will have the chance to do them too often after the 1st.

For anyone who knows about it, I’ve been working on my Book again. I actually found someone thats good at grammar who is editing it for me. With some luck and such maybe, just maybe I’ll have it all in the computer next year some time. Still not exactly sure how it’s going to end. But the forces are at work, and things are coming to a convergence.

I need to get a wearable computer so that I can do other things while at work. Would definitely need to have a head set, and a sub-vocalization mic so that I could work on ANY else other then going brain dead.

Only 7 days left, and only 4 of them actual work days.