This site has been up and serving information about my life and hobbies since I registered the domain back in the mid to late 90s. I did let it expire briefly and re-registered it. During that time it has gone thru a myriad amount of formatting changes, and even some focus changes.

Currently this site serves as a library for my interests, hobbies, and some news now and then. Some of the content that you will find on this site includes:

My work and news regarding: osTicket Open Source project; My proposals for rules changes to the Realms LARP; Information about my World of Warcraft guild and characters; the occasional tech article that I have written reviewing software or hardware. Lastly this site chronicles some of the happenings in my life.

This site is currently running WordPress and was previously running a content management system called Drupal (version 7). It was running under Drupal since an early version of Drupal 4.