I am distracted today. Last night Dogman (our neighbor) yelled obscenities out the window at my wife because she was cleaning the snow off her car. Sure she used a shovel to push the snow off her car, and shoveled the section between the cars afterwards. But did she really deserve for you to yell at her again? The last time you yelled at her because you had someone parking in her spot who wasn’t a tenant and I blew the horn. Read your lease, parking is for tenants only. You don’t own a shovel. You refuse to help pay the snow plow.

Are you indeed good for anything other then yelling at my wife when I am not around?

My patience for you has evaporated. The kids gloves are off. From now on

  • If I can hear your TV or your dog bark past 10-11pm I am going to call the property manager and complain, and if that fails I will start calling the police and complaining about the time and volume.
  • If you yell at my wife I am going to call the police.
  • If you park in the spots I or my wife spent the time and energy cleaning out I will have you towed.
  • If you do not take out the trash I will not take it out for you, and I will call the property manager and complain.

Buy yourself a shovel, contribute to the building. Follow the rules set forth in your lease that you agreed to. Stop being a child, and act like an adult.


Some dumb ass spammer decided to post a spam comment to one of the entries here. Your account has been disabled, and you are cordially informed that your presence here is hence forth disallowed. If you are a spammer and have not yet posted anything here, please leave immediately. I don’t want you here, and all your posts, comments, etc will summarily be censored and/or deleted. Thank you, have a nice day, and I hope you goto jail.