Letter to an old friend

Dearest Heather,

I know that you shall never read this. However in saying such, it gives me hope that I am wrong. That I was wrong, and will be wrong about a great many things. In my estimation we were once fast friends and nigh lovers. That time has long past, but believe not for a minute that the passage of time has diminished my reverence of that time we spent together.

I worry now when I see you. Your eyes make me want to cry. Volumes they speak to any who would look there. Think not that we are blind. For we are waiting. Many many years ago you prevented an altercation. Know that we do not believe that it was a one time thing. Know that we have not forgotten. Know that we will not forgive. We wait for you to but ask us for assistance. We cannot convince you to leave him, for that is a decision that you alone must make. But when you do we are here to help.

Those you call friends…