WOW Spec

So a while back I switched from Prot Paladin to Holy. Since then I have spent the time and gotten a bunch of PVP gear. So I was thinking about switching to a spec that was more PVP oriented. This is what I came up with.

Holy (34 points)

5/5 Divine Intellect
5/5 Spiritual Focus
3/3 Healing Light
1/2 Improved Lay on Hands
2/2 Unyielding Faith
5/5 Illumination
1/1 Divine Favor
3/3 Sanctified Light
5/5 Holy Power
3/3 Light’s Grace
1/1 Holy Shock

Protection (27 points)

5/5 Redoubt
1/2 Guardian’s Favor
5/5 Toughness
1/1 Blessing of Kings
3/3 Improved Righteous Fury
3/3 Shield Specialization
1/5 Anticipation
2/2 Stoicism
3/3 Improved Concentration Aura
1/1 Blessing of Sanctuary
2/2 Sacred Duty

Retribution (0 points)


You can check out better what this means here.