osTicket released

As of a few days ago you can now download from the osticket.com/downloads page.

Here is a list of the enhancements, bug fixes, and Security updates:


  • Add signature to activity notice for staff replies
  • Show company name in the copyright footer (#586)
  • Departments can have a department if there are no members (#618)
  • Signature is displayed below the staff response box (#609)


  • Fix footnotes generated in html2text for same link text but different URLs (5e2f58d)
  • Fix processing of emails for existing users (#588)
  • Avoid adding an aliased system email address as a collaborator (#604, #627)
  • Show current staff / user names where possible (#608)
  • Fix display of forgot my password link (#611)
  • Export the value of custom fields (not the ID number) (#610)
  • Fix saving the backend with file metadata (#595)
  • Use the database as a failsafe attachment backend (#594)
  • Avoid a crash when sending some mails (#589)
  • Preserve image float css attribute in ticket thread (#612)
  • Fix appending canned responses if HTML ticket thread is disabled (#621)
  • Fix migrating attachments when upgrading from osTicket 1.6 (#614)
  • Fix SQL error for some variable names on custom fields (#620)
  • Fix stripping of leading zeros from phone numbers (#622)
  • Strip <?xml ... > processing instructions from html email (#628)
  • Fix crash during PDF generation for some PHP installations (#631)
  • Disable error_reporting for releases (#630)
  • Add git version to the deployment script (#630)
  • Email templates ship with the ticket number in the subject line (#644)
  • FAQ last-modified time can be something other than midnight (#647)
  • Fix creeping widget sizes in create-user dialog (#648)
  • If Auto-claim tickets is disabled, reopen tickets unassigned (#651)
  • Usernames can have Unicode characters (#650)
  • If inline images are stripped from the email, they are not considered attachments (#649, bcbebd0, 35a23be)
  • Fix incorrect Content-Id headers generated for inline images (23ce0a0, e37ec74)
  • New SLA's default to have alerts enabled (#654)
  • Fix creating ticket by staff without required contact-information fields (#656)
  • Fix crash for some custom field configurations (#659)
  • Fix crash viewing ticket in the client portal if no departments are public (#658)
  • New installs have the

    group enabled (c7130c5)

  • Always show the ticket thread when following an email link (17725ca)
  • Allow manual update of SLA to a transient SLA (#663)

Security and Performance

  • Staff can only see closed tickets if they have access via group or primary department (#623, #655)
  • Fix incorrect honoring of ban list and over limit settings (#660)
  • Keep existing session after login (c4bfb69)
  • Fix password reset system (dfaca0d, #664)