osTicket coming very soon

Over on github at the osTicket-1.8 project this a new v1.8.1.2 tag was added.  This tag means that version will be released shortly.  Here are the release notes:



  • Better detection of email loops (#584, #684)
  • Any valid email address can be used throughout the system (#673)


  • Fix selection of the auto-response email for a department (#666)
  • Allow usernames to have Unicode characters continued (6986e6f)
  • Don't require current password when resetting (#671)
  • Fix incorrect matchup of collaborators to users (#676)
  • Fix over-stripping of some HTML element sections (#686)
  • Fix upgrade crash from some osTicket 1.6 installations (#687)
  • Fix attachments from new ticket by staff to be associated with the response (#688)

Geeky Stuff

  • Persistent database connections are supported (#693)
  • Regression testing now tests for JS syntax errors (#669)


source: https://github.com/osTicket/osTicket-1.8/releases/tag/v1.8.1.2