APP: Locket [UPDATE]

Back on July 25th I posted an article about an Android app called Locket (Beta) which puts ads on your devices lock screen and pays you for unlocking your device. Since installing the application my balance is $15. Today they released the new version of Locket version 1.1, and some big changes came down. For starters the 3 paid swipes per hour limitaion has been lifted, however [and this is a big one] you will now only get paid $0.01 each time you see a new add per day. Right now there really isn’t a lot of ads and since they appear to be random it really reduces your immediate daily income. They have however promised that the number of ads will be increasing making it possible of earning a lot more than the average user made during the first part of the beta. They have also changed the minimum payout to be $20 and ended the $1.00 friend referral program as of today. Lastly they added a new “Earn More” menu option which currently has “Aarki Offer Wall” which has a number of things that you can do to earn a little more which mostly consisting of installing apps, etc.

While I am hoping that they do something to increase teh number of ads sooner rather than later I am going to keep this app installed for now because something is better than nothing.