osTicket 1.12.1 Released!

A new stable version of osTicket has just been released version 1.12.1. It also introduces some really useful new features including editing task threads, adding and removing Collaborators with out a page refresh.  Update: the new version does not have any database format changes, so the upgrader will not run [since it is not needed].

Here is an overview of all the new features and bug fixes included:


  • issue: Queue Sort Title No Validation Error (029b0f2)
  • Issue: Tickets Visibility (60aa7b8)
  • task: Implement edit of task thread (394ddee)
  • Reformat Incorrect Reply-To Headers (e9dda94)
  • DatetimeField: Add jquery-ui-timepicker-addon (dbff3b2)
  • Add/Remove Collaborators Without Refresh (5a5044a)


  • issue: API Unexpected Data Warnings (4f68eb9)
  • Double semicolon removed (bacd836)
  • Empty extra in list_items (1309a6c)
  • Issue: Ticket Alerts vs Dept Recipients (581f1f9)
  • issue: iFrame Single Quotes (4b59b4f)
  • issue: PDF Squares Instead Of Text (69c5095)
  • issue: Class Format Disposition Misspelling (1d3f1a3)

Performance and Security

  • Remove File Type Override (539d343)
  • Validate integrity of uploads (eba6fb9)
  • issue: Rogue Closing div Breaks HTML Thread Tree (3bb4c0a)
  • xss: Install Form (c3ba5b7)
  • security: CSV Formula Injection (9981848)
  • security: HTML File Browser Execution (Windows: Firefox/IE) (33ed106)

As always the new stable can be downloaded from osticket.com/download.

But wait there is more! They also released a maintenance release for the 1.10 series v1.10.7.

The release notes for this are here: