osTicket support

So you’re running osTicket version 1.11.x or 1.11-rc1 and you don’t want to upgrade it to current (1.12). Well if that is you then I have news and it is probably news that you are not going to like.  Due to the security issues in the 1.11 branch support for it has been discontinued effective yesterday 4/24/2019.

So what does this mean?  It means that support for that branch no longer exists.  However, there is some good news, as this means the support for 1.10.x has been extended until the next major release.  That means you can expect more maintenance releases for the 1.10 branch until support for it drops off (with the next major release).

Here is the breakdown:
1.12: support active
1.11: support ended on April 24, 2019
1.10: support active
 1.9: support ended on Feb 06, 2019
 1.8: support ended on Nov 1, 2016