lack of a subject

Today has started off oddly enough. Witness to an accident involving a motor vehicle hitting a pedestrian. Stupid moron hit him because he wasn’t looking in the direction he was pulling out. He was looking in the wrong direction… He wasn’t even looking in the direction that traffic was coming at him from. I of course did my civic duty by stopping and talking to the police.

I know that I haven’t been updating this very often at all recently. (read: since I moved in with Booka) Dial up really sucks. And the DSL was supposed to be installed last week. It looks like matron and I found a new place. Gearing up to move probably next month. (I personally think that it will be at least halfway through the month if not the end of the month, but Matron has high hopes.)

The event went off wonderfully thanks to all the help I received. (of which I’m pretty sure that most of them ended up in the event wrapup please go read it at realmsnet.) I’m wondering how long its going to be before I’m added to the EH mailing list. *shrug*

Work is going good. Anyone wanting a computer/monitor should let me know. Nothing really top of the line mine you, but if you need about a 900mhz for school, etc We usually sell them for 0.08 = 0.09 center per megahertz. Monitors run about $25 for a 17 inch. Flat panels are some times available but are more expensive (like $50ish). As a side note we don’t offer a warranty or service. Already have a couple people that I am keeping an eye open for some laptops for. PC100 128meg chips run about $7.50. If your looking for something specific let me know.

Thats all for now… see you all wed at practice.