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A Questing We Will Go

August 19, 2005

Event starts at 7:00 PM, on Friday August 19, 2005.
Event ends at 2:00 AM, on Saturday August 20, 2005.

Place: Sterling Springs Campground – Sterling, MA.
Cost: $5 for those that NPC at least one section, $10 for others.
Pre-registration: .

Neil S. Tozier —
3 Robert Drive
Nashua, NH 03063


Event Description:
This is a Convergence Style event.

Section 1 will be run by Neil and Beth Ottman from 7:30-10:00.

Section 2 will be run by Maryanne Betie from 10:00-12:00.

Section 3 will be run by Derek Brooks from 12:00-2:00.

More details on each quest to follow.

Rules Changes/Notes:
The discounted rate applying only to those who NPC will be firmly
enforced. If you don’t plan to NPC, please plan to pay $10.

Directions to Sterling Springs Campground – Sterling, MA:

From North:
Take Rt. 2 to I-190 South. Get off at exit 6(Route 12, Sterling).
Bear right at end of ramp. Follow directions below.

From South:
Take I-495 or the Mass Pike(90) to Route I-290 North to I-190
North. Get off on exit 6(Route 12, Sterling). Bear left at end of
ramp. Follow directions below.

Take 2nd right(there is a blinking yellow light at the
intersection), onto Pratts Junction Rd. Take the 3rd left onto
Flanagan Hill Rd. You’ll travel under the highway, and take your next
left onto Ford Rd. Go straight into the driveway at the end. The
Campground is to the left of the barn.
IMPORTANT: Drive slow once you get onto Ford Road –
idiots speeding on their road or through the campground has been an
issue in the past and the owner really wants us to avoid in the future.

There will be updates to this once i get more information about other peoples parts. 🙂
I want to thank Angie and Jason for everything they have done so far.