HELP: setting up and using FAQS in osticket 1.7RC6

So you upgraded from osTicket 1.6ST to 1.7x and FAQs aren’t working?

So a while ago I cloned and updated my osticket 1.6ST (modified) and performed the update to 1.7RC2, and then updated to 1.7RC4, 1.7RC5, and finally 1.7RC6. I was never able to get FAQs to work at all. More specifically adding and editing them.

I logged in with my admin account and enabled them at:
Admin panel -> Knowledgebase

Yet still Categories and Add New Faq never showed up.

So I went and inserted some generic information into my database into ost_faq, ost_faq_category, and ost_faq_topic (respectively) and a FAQ shows up… but I still couldn’t edit it.

Apparently upgrading your installation does NOT assign the admin user (or its group) the privileges to manage FAQs.

You have to go to:

Admin panel -> Staff -> Groups
Click on the group that you want to have privileges (mine was called Admin)
Enable "Can Manage FAQ" (near the bottom)

NOTE: “Can View Staff Stats” was also disabled in my admin group.

Once you have done do the following:

Staff panel -> Knowledgebase -> Categories
Click Add New Category
Select Public or Private (internal)
Enter a Category Name
Enter a Category Description
Click Add (at the bottom)

Click on Knowledgebase (at the top) and the category you made should show up.
Click on it.

You should now have the ability to Edit Category, Delete Category, and Add New FAQ. Enjoy!