EOLE update for my coWorkers

I received this email from Mary today, if you need her home phone number contact me privately.

Hello everyone!

As of today, Tuesday 11/8/05 I have not spoken to or heard from Greg Xxxx since last Thursday when he told me he was “90% sure we will not be going back to work at the 5 Hudson Park Drive facility”. He is working with the lawyer(s) to get us access to the Hudson facility so we can retrieve our personal belongings as well as company records, etc. He has Coldwell Banker looking for an alternate facility for us within 10 miles of Hudson. I will check in with him tomorrow for an update and if I hear anything additional, I will be sure to email all of you.

Yesterday, I processed the NH & ME payroll for pay period ending last Friday. Today, I called the Phoenix Paychex office that processes our payroll and was told everything was mailed to our Accountant’s office today. He should be receiving our payroll tomorrow and will overnight that to my home address. I will then mail each of you your paystubs. If anyone does NOT have Direct Deposit, I will be sure to get those checks to those people as soon as I receive them. NOTE: our payroll is now drawn off of a Wells Fargo bank account and not Bank of America.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to give me a call at home. My number is xxx-xxx-xxxx or you can email me. I would prefer to keep usage of my cell phone to a minimum as it is not a company phone and I have incurred over $300 in charges this month alone. Please do not hesitate to call me at home should you have any problems or wish to speak to me privately.

Take Care!