the West Wing

So I’ve been watching the West Wing (on NBC, for quite a while now. I had to catch up on the first few seasons, thank goodness for ReplayTV. Last night was the “Live Debate” episode. I watched it after the fact (thank goodness for DVRs, especially since I could fast forward through the Ellen Degenerous commentary).

If you have ever watched a real “live” debate, you should note that this episode shows us how they should be. Not how they are. Let’s face it real live debates are more heavily scripted then this fictional one. If you did watch it, don’t forget that you can go and vote on who you think won the debate. At of 10am today it was at:

Who do you think won the debate?
Santos 70%
Vinick 30%

Maybe you should consider that more people voted for the last “American Idol” then voted in the last presidential election.