company xmas party, etc.

Tonight was matronsinafay company xmas party. Got to meet a lot of the people that she had been talking about since she started the job. Lots of drunken antics from all kinds of strangers. Was interesting and oddly enough more fun then i was expecting. Here’s to wishing I got to be one fo the drunk ones.

Spoke with a friend who was in a bad mood tonight… and another one who was in a bad mood earlier today… tried to help both of them, and right now it feels like I failed entirely. Seems that a lot of people having issues as winter sets in. Car, job, love life, whatever… all three. Personally, for me its two out of three. *starts singing two out of three aint bad*. My car is having major issues again, and isnt safe to drive. And once the PMPC gig is up, I’m back to part time crap again.

Someone just needs to get me a winning powerball ticket for xmas so that I can stop feeling to guilty when i cant help people out financially. Any takers?

Anyway, its almost 2:30am, I think that I am gonna head ot Denny’s for a tall icy cold Neil Tea, and hopefully the chance to work on my book some more. It doesn’t sound like any of the people that I want to see are actually going to be there. Hopefully, it won’t be busy and i can just sit in a corner and keep to myself. On second thought maybe I will just go up stairs and try out the couch for a while. With everyone else in the house asleep it sounds rather conducive to what i have in mind. Yeah that sounds like a good (and cheaper) alternative.