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Unwritten Vol 1 CoverUnwritten Vol 1 Cover
Vol 1
Yesterday I got a package in the mail from Amazon containing Unwritten volumes 1 through 4. Strangely enough this is the first time that I have ever ordered something that Amazon has suggested for me, and DAMN I am so glad that I did! The basic premise of where the story starts can be summarized as: “If J.K. Rowling has a son named Harry, and wrote her now uber famous books Harry Potter books using his likeness, and then disappeared mysteriously…. what would come next?”. Although the Harry Potter analogy seemingly fits in an interview with the author Mike Carey (published over at scifipulse.net) he is quoted as saying:

"Probably the most important reference point is the autobiography 
of Christopher Milne – who is famous as the Christopher Robin of the Winnie 
the Pooh books.  Milne grew up feeling that his father had stolen his childhood
from him, turned a profit from it and then given it back to him in a form he
couldn’t use."

I quickly tore through the first book, then the next, and the next only to realize that it was nearly 1:30am. I had to force myself to stop reading and go to bed so that I could make it to work the next day. If you like Fables Vol. 1: Legends in Exile (New Edition) (Fables (Graphic Novels))Fables Vol 1 then check out Unwritten!

Vol 2

Vol 3

Vol 4

I‘ll be ordering the next three after I publish this article. Here are links to them in case you want to check them out also. Please note that Amazon says that Volume 7 will not be released until April 2, 2013, but the Vertigo web site says March 27, 2013.

Vol 5

Vol 6

Vol 7