To do list

Recently my TODO list has been getting out of control. This is perhaps partially due to work situations [like my boss being out on vacation last week, and in the hospital the week before], but I finally got a few things accomplished. Here are some of the things that I got done recently:

    [X] Buy Motorcycle (aka get loan)
    [X] Pay for Motorcycle
    [X] Get insurance for Motorcycle
    [X] Register Motorcycle and get Vanity Plates
    [X] Study for written Motorcycle test for permit
    [X] Get Learners Permit
    [X] Setup
    [X] Create new version of
    [X] Invite EH’s to preview both
    [X] Register a new domain name and .info
    [X] registrar transfer and
    [X] Disassemble my office for Seamus to move into
    [X] Organize the totes in the nook
    [X] Get over ear infection
    [X] Quit smoking (again)

Now if only I could pick the motorcycle up soon… Once I do I will of course post some pics. 🙂