some points of interest in an otherwise un-interesting day…

This has got to be one of the funniest pages that I have seen in a while:

Other things

  • Since, I installed Opera I’ve noticed a lot less adware/spyware being found on my computer.
    I’ve also come to love this browser. browser tabs are one of my favorite features!

    get it here =

    Note: you can run this in sponsored mode it will display ads instead of buying it

  • Since, I installed Microsoft’s Antispyware (about 6 weeks ago now?) it has yet to detect a single
    piece of spy/adware on my machine. I officially denounce this as a piece of rubbish. At least it
    hasn’t really caused any issues.

    don’t get it here =

    Note: you will have to validate your copy of windoze. Which entails clicking a button. I have no idea what data it sends to MS, or MS sends to your PC as a result of this check.

  • Some how I missed Eudora 6.2.1 coming out. Some nifty new features for the lesser technically inclined folks. scamwatch – a feature that detects suspicious urls in an email openssl support, improved IMAP features, and emoticons… because every one needs to laden their email with smiley faces.

    get it here =

    Note: run it in sponsored mode to get all features it displays ads, but they do a decent job of making it unobtrusive.

  • I’ve completely rewritten my resume in a different format. This format means I can cram everything into a single page. Which I was beginning to think was just impossible. 🙂 The webby and doc versions are in the resume section of my web page. They are HTML 1 and MS .Doc 1 Feedback is very welcome.

    check it out here =

  • April 9th is my first real try at running a plot in a large group of people. (matronsinafay’s event). Depending on how it goes, will probably depend on if I continue doing all the other stuff that I have been working on / planning. Anyone that wants to NPC for me please let me know. I have a few people now for the key roles, but I need some more people that can fight.
  • Idaris now has the materials for some armor. We’ve been talking about it for a while now. Now its just the matter of picking a design(s) and banging out about 6 suits of armor before Creathorne. If anyone has any patterns (or working examples) of good smurf/barrel armor, please let me know. Or drop it off at the house.

    I was planning on writing more, but well it will have to wait til later. ciao.