ANNOUNCEMENTS 1… 2…, only 2!


Hey all,

Most of the snow in Nashua has finally melted! Yay! Greeley Park still has a little snow, but is extremely wet (read: mudtastic). Until things get a little nicer out, we’re starting back at the old Commuter Parking lot / Stellos Stadium Parking lot effectively immediately. So come on down and get some practice in before the eventing season hits us all full force. 🙂

Every Wednesday evening
Starts at 5:00 PM through 11:00 PM

Some basic rules:

-Please do not drive unsafely into the parking lot
-Please supervise your children closely (It is a parkinglot after all)
-DO NOT bring any type of illegal substance or alcohol into the lot!!
-If you are coming to socialize, thats fine by us; even encouraged but
please dont interfere with those there to practice
-Please don’t interfere with the patrons at the Conway Ice
Arena/Stellos Stadium
-Listen to the Pratice Marshalls, just like an event they are the referees
-Please do not yell the word **MEDIC** unless you are in need of
medical attention.
-We will be using the Omnibus to the Realms 2005 rules system + site
-Dress and prepare accordingly to the weather, this is New England
after all….
– Like an event, please, make sure that anything that came with you leaves with you. (ie trash)

ps – This is only temporary until weather/ground conditions allow us to move back to Greeley Park.

See you all there!