Ahhhhh. blkw1d took me out last night the Grand Buffet and started feeding me drinks. kattalla, sir_k, iarwain, bugmanhai and others showed up. Special thanks to Kattalla, Sir_K, and Blkw1d for getting me completely trashed. Its been such a long time since i have done that. (And I am such a happy talk too much drunk.)

Woke up late today (what a shock). Checked email, sent in my hours, checked other email(s). Read about a 100 pages in the dark Tower : the gunslinger, cooked thai dinner for nhstar and I, and watched Pump up the Volume. My honey dropped by just to say hi. Its been a good day.

Time to go check if the carpet is dry so i can start moving my computer desk (and computers) back into the computer room.