Resources for osTicket

This list was last updated on 9/27/2019.

Official Resources

Download/Install files

Download into /include/il8n folder.


Install into /include/plugins folder.

Core Plugins
Developed by osTicket core developers.

Beta Plugins by osTicket core developers

Community Plugins
Modifies how the software works, without changing it.

  • Activity Stream – Paid Activity Stream plugin
  • adSync – Paid Active Directory Synchronization, is a plugin for osTicket 1.10+ which allows the system to synchronize your Active Directory users into osTicket.
  • Archiver – Archives tickets before delete, and allows for auto-pruning of old tickets.
  • Attachment Preview – Allows files attached to tickets to be embedded in the thread.
  • Autocloser – Automatically closes open tickets.
  • Fetch Note – Automatically fetch additional note content on ticket creation.
  • Field Radio Buttons – Enables the use of HTML form element Radio Buttons.
  • Mentioner – Finds Staff mentions in a thread and add’s them as collaborators to the ticket.
  • Multi LDAP Auth – Plugin for multiple LDAP servers authentication and LDAP Sync.
  • notifyReject – notifies un-registered users that their email has been rejected and they need to register
  • Prevent Autoscroll – Stops the agent view from scrolling down to the last message in the thread.
  • Reporting – Paid plugin for extensive reporting.
  • Rewriter – An osTicket plugin to rewrite incoming emails.

Third Party Integration Plugins

Require modifications to osTicket core.



Development Resources

Professional Services



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