Realms: Sir K’s Goodbye Speech

The following is the goodbye speech given by Sir K at Sir Deimos funeral:

Sir Deimos / Dark / Santiago, you have been known by many names.

Arch Duke of Blackwood, Viscount of Idaris, Knight Commander of the Knights of Blackwood, Knight of the Steward, Baliff of Justari, Warlord of Chaos, General to the armies of Zermax, Order of the Red, you have held many titles.

From the time we first walked on to the field of battle in these realms some 18 years ago, to our rise through the ranks of Blackwood, we have stood together. (And no I never held it against you that Nigel Knighted you first, you deserved the title even if he got his story wrong.)

When we decided to hang up our mint colored maces, and live a peaceful life, you talked me into stepping back on to the field with you because adventure is in our blood.

When you stood across the blood soaked field as the general of Zermarx’s army and I led the charge against you, there has always been a bond between us.

In all the varied bodies you have inhabited, whether human, or death knight, or demon, there has been a bond that can never be broken. There is always one name that has never changed. You have always been, and always will be My Brother.