Realms: Quazar’s Goodbye Poem

The following poem was written by Quazar and read at the funeral of Lord Sir Deimos Kal’Amar held at King of Rogues VII on September 11, 2009 (Which is September 11, 1009 in realms standard time)

My Darkest Knight who walks in light
through shadows you soared with honor and might
My heart no longer shines so bright.

You are my mirror of the soul
My temper for the flame
The pool to where desire pours
and now so softly wanes

Though you be in heavenly light
I reach out to you each and every night
I hope your judgment brought you peace
Redemption, so your burdens cease.

You will be missed, you know how much
Your presence, guidance and your burning touch
I can only hope when my end nears
You are there to judge my years

Rest now safely in Justari’s fold
We carry on from your crafted mold

I love, honor and hold you dear
I promise now for better years.