Realms: Familiar (Sorc 6) – Simple replacement

I blame Carrie for this proposal. 🙂 Having read her version I
thought that something like this would be a little easier.

Replace current spell description with the following:

Familiar (Sorcerer 6)
Uses: 1 – MC: A toy, at least 4” x 1” x 1”. The toy must be
labeled with the spellcaster’s name and the words “Event Stealable”

This spell allows the spellcaster to have a Familiar, a magical
creature that is loyal to the spellcaster, and provides him with
some magical benefits. A spellcaster may learn this spell more than
once, giving him more Familiars, each represented by a different

The spell caster may use two spells whose circles sum 5 or less as if
they had learned them. Neither spell taken in this way may exceed 3rd
circle. (i.e. a 2nd and 3rd circle spell, two 2nds, etc.)

Any spells provided by the Familiar require the presence
of the MC to cast and maintain, as if the MC were an additional
Focus or MC required for those spells. If dropped, removed from
play, or in a Deep Pocket, the spellcaster may not cast or maintain
any of the spells granted by his Familiar. Each spell granted by a
Familiar must meet the VC, MC and AC requirements in order to use
the spell. Any enchantments granted by the Familiar are suspended
while the MC is not in the spellcaster’s possession. Any blow that
strikes the MC must be taken as if the MC is not there.

The Familiar MC can be Disenchanted (See Disenchant Abjury
3). If the MC is disenchanted, the Familiar is removed from play.