RANT: Nov 1st

Every group seems to have “one of those people”. You know the ones that just will never understand netiquette or even see the need for it.

If you would like to forward something to me that you find funny, humorous, important, etc you can of course feel free to do so. However I do not want my email address plastered on 50 other peoples screen because you forwarded one item to all your friends. So please remove me from your little list. If you really want to send me something then send it to just me (you can then forward it to everyone else minus me).

To be quite honest, I simply delete 99% of chain letters with out even getting past the first sentence. So you may want to be a bit more selective with what you send me. Chances are if it’s good, I’ve already seen it. I’ve been on the net for 14 years now, and the influx of funny and good stuff is much slower then people realize. Most chain letters have made their rounds to my inbox and subsequently my deleted folder years ago.