RANT: Morons, Trucks, and NetSol

This morning is one of those days where I really kinda wish that I had stayed in bed.

I got to bed late this morning after a late night Walmart run to buy a new air conditioner and installing it. Surprisingly I woke up to my alarm, and got up, showered and ran to work. On my way to work there was a truck in the opposite lane so some dumb bimbo decided that it would be a great idea to leave her lane head on and almost kill me. After some screeching tires resulting in about a foot between her car and my motorcycle… she waves me on. This was a sign, that clearly stated “GO HOME”. I of course didn’t listen.

So I pull the 200 ft up the road and the parking lot is blocked by a large truck. I ask the guys getting out of the truck how long they are going to be and they ignore me and walk away. This was a sign, that clearly stated “GO HOME”. I of course didn’t listen again.

So I sit around waiting. Finally someone else leaves a metered parking lot after 45 minutes so I take their spot. Throw my one(1) quarter into the meter which gives me about an hour and head inside. I ask the front desk to let me know when the jerks are gone. I finally get to my desk, and the emails are pouring in. It seems that Network Solutions is offline… Their webpage is unreachable. They host our DNS so none of our domains appear to be working at all outside the building. This includes email. This was a sign, that clearly stated “GO HOME”. Maybe I should listen this time…