Change Regen Timer

Original text:

Regeneration (Shaman 6)

Uses: 2 – Verbal: 30 words – Active: Spellcaster must sit on the ground with weapons a minimum of 10 feet away when casting this spell.

Regeneration only works on the spellcaster. There can be no weapons within 10 feet of the spellcaster when this spell is initially cast, or the spell will fail to work. When killed, the spellcaster regenerates once, after 200 seconds. If the spellcaster is raised with another spell before the 200 seconds is up, the spell remains unused, and will trigger again the next time the spellcaster dies. This spell ceases to function if the spellcaster is scalped. The spellcaster may only be under the effects of one Regeneration spell at a time. If you have learned this spell twice, you may have a Raise Dead “recharge” one usage. These recharges cannot come from Circle of Healing, or any other Raising effects other than the Raise Dead spell. See the Regeneration Caveat.

200 seconds referenced above to 120 seconds.