osTicket 1.11.0 Released!

After a long wait the new stable version of osTicket has just been released version 1.11.0. For the security conscious this is great news since it finally adds support for PHP 7.1 and 7.2. It also introduces some really useful new features including the long awaited Custom Queues that we saw the preview of back in the 1.11-rc1 (Release Candidate) and the long awaited whole thread template variable.

Here is an overview of all the new features introduced in rc1 and the new stable:

1.11.0-rc1 – Major New Features

  • Create Ticket or Task from Thread Entry
  • Custom Columns/Custom Queues
  • Inline Edit
  • Ticket Referral
  • Support CC (Collaborators)
  • Export Agent CSV
  • Department Access CSV
  • Archive Help Topics/Departments
  • Nested Knowledgebase Categories

1.11.0 – Major New Features

  • Release Ticket Assignment (d354e09)
  • Require Help Topic To Close Ticket (#4400)
  • Disable Collaborators On Reply (#4420)
  • Complete Thread Variable (#4613)
  • Public Mark As Answered/Unanswered (#4612)

The number of bug fixes and enhancements these two releases have is fairly staggering and too long to list here. Please take a look at the github release notes for those. They can be found here:

1.11.0-rc1 at:


1.11.0 at


But wait there is more! They also released a maintenance release for the 1.10 series v1.10.5. The release notes for this are here: