NHRD: St Baldricks Fundraiser / Kennedy Cup Championships

Maybe you have heard by now, but my wife is the greatest! Would you like to know more?

Of course you would! She’s a pretty big deal in that she has help raise thousands of dollars for the Norris Cotton Cancer Center by throwing the Realms Aid event series over the years and every few years she cuts her hair and donates it. She’s been playing Roller Derby with New Hampshire Roller Derby (NHRD) for several years now, and her and several other members of her league are participating in a St Baldticks fund raiser on August 24th in Manchester NH at 4pm at:

JFK Coliseum
303 Beech Street
Manchester , NH US

Not only can you come and see some very brave ladies of the Derby shave their heads but you can also watch two roller derby bouts afterward! One of which is the home team Championship! Come see who wins the Kennedy Cup this year and imemdiately followed by NHRD’s very own Queen City Cherry Bombs vs the CT Rollergirls “Yankee Brutals”!

You can donate to Irate Pirate’s cause at:
Bethany Tozier | St Baldrick’s Donation page