Hosted osTicket is available –

I post a lot of information here about the Open Source project called osTicket. Much of which is my own hacking, information, FAQs that I have compiled from the forums, directions and howTo's to try to help the osTicket software community.  It is my hope that my posts help spread the word about osTicket, broaden the community, as well as help the members of the community.

Did you know that the company that supports the development of osTicket has a hosted version?  It's called and for as little as $9 per agent per month you can have your very own mostly preconfigured personizable osTicket installation run on their servers with email integration.  To clarify a little an agent is your staff member who answers customer/client questions.  This hosted version enjoys the same features that you can currently enjoy in the free self hosted version of osTicket but with none of the headaches of self hosting or setup.  If you are looking for a customer client portal or just want to support an organization internally I urge you to check them out over at: It's also worth mentioning that they are currently offering a 30 day free trial with no Credit Card required, and no commitment!  Once your trial is over they will ask you for a credit card to to continue your paid plan, and you are always free to change and or downgrade your plan at any time.

~ ntozier

Disclaimer: I did not receive any financial compensation for the writing of this brief summary. I also receive no compensation of any kinda for referrals to their service or for new customers signing up. In the spirit of full disclosure they did fly me down to their corporate headquarters and put me up in September of last year to join in the first osticket dev conference.  I wrote a little about that experience here: