Followup: Unwritten (Graphic Novels) a recommendation

Unwritten Vol 1 CoverUnwritten Vol 1 Cover
Vol 1
Back in mid February I wrote about this amazing graphic novel series called Unwritten, well this morning I got an email from Amazon telling me that my order of Unwritten volumes 5 through 7 has finally shipped. Volume 7’s release date was yesterday so I have been waiting [not so] patiently since placing the order for it to get here. Now I know there the waiting is almost over, time to re-read the first four!

"Probably the most important reference point is the autobiography 
of Christopher Milne – who is famous as the Christopher Robin of the Winnie 
the Pooh books.  Milne grew up feeling that his father had stolen his childhood
from him, turned a profit from it and then given it back to him in a form he
couldn’t use."

Vol 5

Vol 6

Vol 7
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