ET downs Void Reaver (VR) for the 5th time

Last night Elder Tribunal of the Bloodhoof server downed Void Reaver in Tempest Keep for the fifth time. We finished with over a minute left on the enrage timer, and to me this means this boss is officially on farm status. In addition to this great news I finally got my Tier 5 shoulders!

Crystalforge Pauldrons

I immediately enchanted them with the Scryer faction Greater Inscription of the Oracle (22heal 6mp5) enchant, and socketed it with a Luminous Noble Topaz (+9 heal, +3 damage +4 Int) and the PVP gem Smooth Ornate Dawnstone (+10 spell crit).

Now to (not so) patiently wait til next Tuesday when Season 3 starts.

ps Congrats ET! Currently on Farm: VR, HKM/Gruul, KZ