ET downs Void Reaver (VR) for the 5th time

Last night Elder Tribunal of the Bloodhoof server downed Void Reaver in Tempest Keep for the fifth time. We finished with over a minute left on the enrage timer, and to me this means this boss is officially on farm status. In addition to this great news I finally got my Tier 5 shoulders!

Crystalforge Pauldrons

I immediately enchanted them with the Scryer faction Greater Inscription of the Oracle (22heal 6mp5) enchant, and socketed it with a Luminous Noble Topaz (+9 heal, +3 damage +4 Int) and the PVP gem Smooth Ornate Dawnstone (+10 spell crit).

Now to (not so) patiently wait til next Tuesday when Season 3 starts.

ps Congrats ET! Currently on Farm: VR, HKM/Gruul, KZ

Covenant and newts

Today we went to the Walmart and picked up a new book shelf, some plastic totes, and a die cast Classic Colonial Viper. We’re in the process of moving books around and packing things up to put in the garage for storage.

So it stands to reason that now is a perfectly wonderful time to realize somethings are missing. Specifically in this case my hardcover copy of Stephen R. Donaldson’s Runes of the Earth – the Last chronicles of Thomas Covenant Book 1. So if whom ever I lent it to would please return it to me I would be very happy. That and Book 2 is awfully lonely with out its harddowner kin at its side.

I also wanted to let you all know that when going to your own web page (or mine in this case) http://www.tmib.newt just does not have the desired effect. Newt gonna work.