NEWS: OSTicket 1.7 RC1 released

Yesterday OSTicket 1.7 Release Candidate 1 (RC1) became available. OSTicket is a popular [free] open source trouble ticketing system built on MySQL/PHP.

Here is a list of new features and such since 1.6 ST:

  • Upgrade support for osTicket 1.6-rc1 and later
  • Multi-file upload support — more than one file (configurable) can be
    uploaded with new messages, replies, and internal notes via the web
  • Department/Group access feature allowing members of a group access to a
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One month of MyFitnessPal a review

I do not usually post about things that I consider too personal, but I’ve achieved something personal that I found I just had to share. I’m not the healthiest person in the world, and I know I eat too much because at heart I’m a “fat kid” and love food. My daughter came to visit this summer and we started hitting the gym together almost every day. After about three weeks of doing this I noticed that my belt that fit perfectly before was now too loose. It still worked as a belt but barely.

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OST: MOD: Reports Module 5.0 — custom From address

How To Edit Scottro’s Reports Mod v5.0 to add custom
From address when emailing a report in 3 easy steps

So you’ve installed scottro’s Reports Mod 5.0 in your OSTicket implementation and noticed that when you email a report to someone the From: tag is populated with his email address. This is of course not the behavior you want from the mod so you want to change it. Then this is the mod to the mod for you!

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